You Won’t Believe How Much Is Private Jet From Lagos To Abuja

Travelling by flight using a private jet is one of the best means of travel. It provides the ultimate driving experience, promising comfort and luxury. Unlike commercial flights, booking to travel via private jets provides a lot of advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • It saves valuable time.
  • No need for intermediate stops.
  • Enjoy privacy such that you can get your work done.
  • Comfort and convenience.
  • Take off at your own time.
  • Land closer to your destination.

Contrary to popular opinion, the need to travel by private jet is not just for pleasure. Other reasons why people travel by private jets could be because of emergencies such as meeting up with business executives for an important deal or the need to airlift a sick person for medical attention. Whatever the reason is, private jets provide a good means to travel by air.

See How Much It Costs To Charter A Private Jet In Nigeria
See How Much It Costs To Charter A Private Jet In Nigeria

A popular route travelled by most private jet owners and charter companies are from Lagos to Abuja. Lagos is often regarded as the business and economic hub of Nigeria, a land filled with multi-million naira conglomerates and businesses. Abuja represents the capital city of Nigeria and is also a place frequently travelled and visited for tourist and business purposes.

Cost Of Private Jet From Lagos To Abuja

Private jets are always expensive to hire. This is why travelling by private jet is often seen as a luxury reserved for the rich and wealthy. Usually, private jet hire is charged per hour. Hence, the longer the flight, the more the cost of booking a private jet.

The cost of travelling from Lagos to Abuja can cost between $4,000 to $8,000 per hour. This rate is dependent on a number of factors.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Private Jet From Lagos To Abuja

Size Of The Aircraft

The main categories for aircraft sizes are Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Super Midsize Jets and Large Jets. The bigger the aircraft, the more the cost to book it from Lagos to Abuja. This is because larger aircraft will consume more fuel/diesel, require more maintenance, more cleaning etc.

  1. Aircraft Type

Asides from the size of the aircraft, the type of aircraft (private jet) you hire also determines the price you have to pay. This is because the fuel burn and cost of maintenance required differ depending on the type of aircraft. Some are cheaper to maintain while others are very expensive. For instance,  the Bombardier Challenger 650 and Global 7500 are both large jets, however, the Global 7500 is more expensive to charter from Lagos to Abuja unlike the former.

  1. Inflight Services

Like I mentioned earlier, there is luxury attached to flying via a private jet; however, this luxury comes at a price. When flying via a private jet, you have the option of having food and drinks provided for you as well as having a flight attendant. Depending on the level of comfort you want to enjoy, this will determine how much you have to pay as you travel from Lagos to Abuja.

  1. Landing Fees

Since you are travelling by private jet from Lagos to Abuja, landing fees are usually calculated into your total flight cost. Landing fees are the amount you pay to have your private jet land at the airport. This money is usually used by the airport management to maintain their facilities.

  1. Aircraft Positioning Costs

Whenever you book a private jet, there is a need for the private jet to come to pick you up at your point of origin to your destination. The money you pay to get the private jet rightly positioned at your place of origin is referred to as the positioning cost. Depending on how far your point of origin is, you might have to pay more for your private jet flight from Lagos to Abuja.

Top 10 People You Wouldn't Believe Own a Private Jet in Nigeria
Top 10 People You Wouldn’t Believe Own a Private Jet in Nigeria

Where Can I Get Private Jet Charter From Lagos To Abuja In Nigeria

  1. West Link Airlines Private Jet Charter, Nigeria
  • Tel: +234 704 3371122
  • Email:
  1. ExecuJet Nigeria
  • Tel: +234 1295 5110
  • Tel: +234 704 608 4446
  • Email:
  1. Mudita Nigeria
  • Email:
  • Tell: +234 905 605 0502
  1. SML Lagos, Nigeria
  • Contact: 0810 336 0178
  • Address: 134a oja bus stop, Ayobo-Ipaja Road, Ipaja 100278, Lagos

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