Why Car Trackers Are Important In Ghana: Cost Of Car Trackers In 2021

Technology has definitely done the world lots of good. Beyond just providing efficient cars to meet our daily mobile needs, it has also provided a means to keep our vehicles safe. One of the brainchildren of technology to keep vehicles safe is the invention of car trackers.

Security is amongst the top list of things important to anyone. We want security for our lives, jobs, family and even our vehicles. In Ghana, thieves and hijackers keep getting creative in stealing cars. This is one of the reasons having a car tracker installed in your car is essential. By the way, what are car trackers?

Car Trackers In Ghana: What Are They?

5 Best Car Tracking Companies In Ghana
5 Best Car Tracking Companies In Ghana

Car trackers make use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites to gather relevant information about your vehicle’s location. In addition to providing details about your vehicle’s location, car trackers can also give real-time updates on speed levels, fuel consumption, maintenance schedules etc on your vehicle.

Car tracking systems also integrate the use of communications components such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user.

5 Best Car Tracking Companies In Ghana

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How Do Car Trackers Work In Ghana

Car tracking systems are composed of two essential parts which are: the hardware and the software. The hardware component is the car tracker/device itself which can be installed in different parts of the car such as the ignition switch, battery and antennae. The software component is the vehicle tracking software that stores vital data like GPS location, speed, heading and sends it via cellular or satellite transmitters to the cloud or a computer or web system for monitoring and evaluation.

Simply put, to detect the location of your car within Ghana and its environs, car trackers send signals to any of the satellites orbiting the earth(depending on the car’s location). The satellite then sends a signal of the location where the tracker is to the system (server) in charge of the tracker.

Why Car Trackers Are Important In Ghana

Car trackers are important both for individual and business needs. Most car tracking companies in Ghana provide car tracking offers tailored to both individual and business vehicle tracking requirements. Below are the reasons why car trackers are important in Ghana;

  1. First, car trackers provide security. Regardless of if your vehicle is for personal use or business, car trackers are able to detect the location of your vehicle at any given time.
  2. It ensures effective fleet management and monitoring of company drivers.
  3. Some vehicle tracking systems by companies in Ghana are also able to provide information about fuel consumption and speeding levels. This knowledge can help you make decisions that will reduce running costs by specifically targeting those who speed and waste fuel.
  4. Surveillance: If you are a fleet owner, a car tracker can help you effectively monitor your fleet movement as well as driver behaviors. It helps you with track lunch hours, incessant stops and breaks on the way by your workers, and evaluating the overtime requests of workers if true or not.
  5. Business owners in Ghana, especially those involved with logistics, delivery, fleet management etc are more aware of their business transport operations and are likely to see an increase in efficiency, productivity and accountability in their businesses.
  6. Consequently, it results in more jobs completed per day, reduced journey times, fuel savings and improved customer satisfaction.
  7. With GPS vehicle trackers installed on vehicles in Ghana, you get to enjoy premium discounts offered from insurance companies. This is because insurance companies are assured that your vehicle could be recovered if theft occurs.
  8. Car tracking system is a safe, convenient and reliable means to know your location in unfamiliar areas. You basically need a good phone with an internet connection.
  9. Vehicle tracking systems provide a means to track the location of  your friends and family who are on the road and you can’t reach them.
  10. It provides easy access to answer location enquiries rapidly and accurately.
  11. Knowledge of the location of your workers through car trackers in Ghana can be of significant benefit if that person were to require immediate medical attention.

Cost Of Car Trackers in Ghana 2021

GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 – 4G LTE$40  ($20/month subscription)
Spytec GL300$40 ($25/month subscription)
LandAirSea 54$30 ( $25/month subscription)
Americaloc GL300 MXW$25/month
Logistimatics GPS-Tracking USB Car Charger$45 ($25/month subscription)
Optimus GB100M 4G LTE$70
TKSTAR TK915 GPS Tracker$25
GPSit 1000BZ LTE$40
JimiIoT GV20 3G GPS Tracker$40

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