What Year Of Car Can Be Shipped To Nigeria

Most of the cars we drive in Nigeria are shipped in from the USA. Shipping Cars from the USA is a very simple process that can easily get tasking because of the problem of policy changes and lots of documentation issues. So you really have to be at the top of your game so you do not get stuck when trying to ship your car.

How Many Days Does It Take To Ship Cars From Usa To Nigeria

How Long Does It Take A Cargo Ship From USA To Nigeria

What Policies Are There Before A Car Can Be Shipped Into Nigeria?

There have been changes in the Law for shipping cars overseas in Nigeria. Now, for those international car shipping companies before shipping cars overseas to Nigeria,

  1. Nigerian Customs will require a more detailed manifest on each vehicle imported into Nigeria and other documents such as
  • Chassis Number
  • Model & Make of Vehicle
  • Year of Manufacture
  • VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number)
  1. The most important of all is that only vehicles 15 years old or newer will be allowed into Nigeria. This means that any car that is 16 years or older would not be allowed to cross the Nigerian borders or the customs port.

What Are The Most Popular Cars Shipped To Nigeria?

  • Sedans such as Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, Mercedes Benz C300, Honda Civic and Honda Accord.
  • SUV such as Mercedes Benz ML350, Mercedes Benz GL450, Lexus RX350, Lexus LX550, Toyota Sienna, BMW X3, BMW X5 and BMW X6.
  • Trucks-Pick up such as Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra and Ford F-150.
  • Van such as Ford E150 and Ford 350 extended van.

Importing Regulations For Containers To Lagos, Nigeria 

Top Guide For Importing Used Cars Into Nigeria in 2021
Top Guide For Importing Used Cars Into Nigeria

To import into Nigeria through the port of Tin Can Island in Lagos, you will need to know the Nigerian import rules and process. When having your personal vehicle, car, motorcycle, 4×4 vehicle, motor home, or boat shipped to the port of Lagos Nigeria. At the time of arrival Customs officials in Nigeria will need to see your Passport, Driver’s License, Car Title if coming from the USA, registration, export documentation from the USA, Bill of lading showing the shipper, consignee, vehicle information, as Year, Maker, Model, VIN and the bill of sale showing the value of the vehicle, you will need to use a customs broker or clearing agent at the customs checkpoint to handle it for you.

If you have moved to Nigeria and are a permanent resident you can avoid paying some part of the taxes showing your consulate UN-registration( Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC ) from the USA, and registration in Nigeria. Then you will need to have your car registered at your local Nigerian motor and vehicles office and must have local license plates and vehicle registration for the car when driving. If you are not a permanent resident however or doing the import just an import business in Nigeria, you will need to pay import duties, taxes on the value of your car as well as a green tax for emissions. In order to import your car to Nigeria. Also, make sure that your car is not older than 15 years or it would not be accepted by the time it gets to the customs.

How Cars Are Shipped To Nigeria

How to export used cars to Nigeria from Canada
How to export used cars to Nigeria from Canada

Vehicles like cars, trucks, 4×4 vehicles or motor homes are shipped to Nigeria using shipping container shipping service or Roll on Roll off service for big oversize vehicles. The shipping container is one of the best, secure methods, and shipping types to Nigeria, to ship most types of small and medium-size vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, classic cars, and exotics are all shipped from the US to Nigeria in a shipping container. You can also place ship auto parts, and household goods with your car when shipping by container, that is the difference to the RO-RO service that you can ship only the car with nothing inside of the vehicles.

Import Taxes For Vehicles In To Nigeria

After the vehicle arrives it is necessary to pay the relevant taxes and fees for commercial or personal imports of cars to Nigeria.

The National Automotive Industry Development (NAID)  imposes a 35% levy on an automobile, cars imports, over and above the 35% tariff already levied, for an effective total duty of 70%. The NAIDP allows companies that manufacture or assemble cars in Nigeria to import one vehicle for every one manufactured in Nigeria.

Vehicles entering Nigeria in Removal or return are exempt from VAT and tariffs, the documentation must be submitted before the vehicle enters the country.

Companies And Agents Abroad That Can Ship And Import Cars To Nigeria

BR EXPORT USA is a member of Freight Forwarders and Logistics Services of BRL with branch offices in Europe, the USA, and China. We work closely with reliable import agents in Nigeria to make your car import-Export clearing process as fast and simple as possible. They work to clear local import customs in Nigeria, unload the car from the container, or RO-RO vessel, and have the car ready to pick up or transport via car carriers to your address. They also have a door to door vehicle delivery between all the states in the USA and other countries to Nigeria.

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