What Is The Difference Between A Driver And Chauffeur

Driver vs Chauffeur? Do they mean the same thing?

Most people assume drivers and chauffeurs are the same, after all, they both drive cars and move people from point A to point B. On the contrary, drivers and chauffeurs are NOT the same. While all chauffeurs are drivers, not all drivers are chauffeurs.

Who Is A Driver?

A driver is someone employed to drive passengers from one place to their destination, nothing more, nothing less. All a driver does is provide transport services.

Who Is A Chauffeur?

A chauffeur is an experienced, licensed professional driver. They go the extra mile that the regular driver won’t go. In addition to providing driving services, a chauffeur is trained to provide top-notch customer services like booking reservations and fetching items, making trips to shops, picking up dry cleaning, sourcing flowers, etc.

Qualities Of A Chauffeur That Drivers Don’t Have

Chauffeur And Personal Driver Services In Nigeria
Chauffeur And Personal Driver Services In Nigeria
  1. Chauffeurs drive expensive, luxurious cars.
  2. They have a charismatic, gracious appearance.
  3. They are usually well- and formally dressed.
  4. They pay attention to details.
  5. Satisfaction of their clients is a top priority.
  6. They have a ‘can do’ attitude.
  7. They are courteous.
  8. They have a deep sense of passion and commitment to their work.
  9. Chauffeurs have excellent communication skills.
  10. They are professional drivers who have excelled in their training courses.
  11. They always keep to time.
  12. They are proactive.
  13. Hiring a chauffeur is usually more expensive than hiring a driver; but the cost is worth it.

Differences Between Chauffeurs And Drivers

  1. Dressing

When you see a chauffeur, you will easily distinguish them from regular drivers. Chauffeurs often dress in well-groomed and neat uniforms, including pressed dark suit or tuxedo, dress shirt, tie, gloves (black or white), and dress shoes. Unlike drivers, they are not required to be so formal and corporate in their dressing.

  1. Training

In most cases, all a driver needs to qualify to get behind the weeks is to take a few weeks of drivers training, get a certificate and driving license. But chauffeurs go through more intense training than that. They get trained in professional driving as well as customer service and other required etiquette courses.

  1. Vehicles

Chauffeurs often ride luxurious vehicles such as limousines, G-wagons, executive vans etc depending on their clientele. Their vehicles need to be in good working condition with the features going at their optimum. However, drivers often operate regular standard vehicles for commuting.

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  1. Comfort

Anyone who hires the services of a chauffeur knows that they get to enjoy more comfort. As mentioned earlier, a drivers’ role is just to get you to your destination. On the other hand, Chauffeurs are concerned about making you feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the course of your trip. They are ready to run necessary errands for you if need be.

  1. Services

Chauffeurs are professional drivers but they also provide services like booking reservations, sourcing restaurants, school runs and errands etc. A driver only gets you from point A to your required destination.

Similarities Between Drivers And Chauffeur

  • Both require a driver’s license to drive.
  • Both convey passengers from one point to another.
  • Both undergo general drivers training.

Required Training Of A Chauffeur That Drivers Don’t Undergo

Unlike drivers, chauffeurs also undergo the following training;

  • Customer safety
  • Driver etiquette.
  • Geography of cities.
  • Car etiquettes such as opening and closing of doors etc.
  • Advanced driving.
  • Security awareness.
  • Specialist knowledge on hotels, landmarks, tourist centres etc.
  • Advanced knowledge of the road and traffic regulations.
  • Positive attitude and approach.

Why Do People Hire The Services Of A Chauffeur

Even though chauffeur services are expensive, some individuals will still rather choose to hire a chauffeur than a driver. The common reasons why people hire chauffeur services are;

  • The prestige and honour attached to it.
  • It saves the time one would have spent driving, so you can concentrate on other matters.
  • Security reasons.
  • Ease and convenience


Chauffeurs and drivers offer driving services, however, a chauffeur is more involved in customer service and satisfaction, unlike drivers.

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