Unobvious Features: What Car Colour Should You Choose?

There are as many people as there are opinions. And each driver is unique in his or her view of cars. There are people who prefer to just take the first car they find, without going into much detail. It’s as if they are betting on sports at 22Bet Nigeria with their eyes closed, not knowing who to bet on, not understanding the sport, not knowing what they want in the end. They buy a car, just for the sake of the car. They are a minority, but still.

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Certainly, there are people who choose the car only for its technical characteristics, not paying attention to appearance. Well, and there are those for whom the colour of the car is not less important than its technical characteristics. That’s why, nowadays, the market offers a wide range of shades. It is considered that men more often choose classical colours – black, blue, grey, white, and women – shades of red, yellow, green, or blue. But gender is not yet a verdict when choosing the colour of the car.

We will tell you about other criteria that may help you to answer the question of what car colour to choose.

The Color of the Car and the Psycho-Type of the Driver

Psychologists have determined that the choice of auto colour is directly related to the psychological characteristics of the owner and his driving style, and gave some recommendations.

  • The white color symbolizes a bright dream. It is believed that white is chosen by fair, but emotional drivers. Their driving style is calm and balanced.
  • Black is chosen by people who crave attention to their person. About the owner of such a car, you can say – confident and purposeful. Their driving style is harsh.
  • Shades of red express passion, as well as a love for power. Owners of red cars are impulsive and hot-tempered and may disregard the rules on the road.
  • Blue is preferred by people who choose a welcoming environment. They are modest and thoughtful. This is the color of restraint, attention to detail, and calmness. Among the owners of blue cars, one can rarely meet those who are aggressively inclined. But they are always ready to help on the road.
  • The yellow car and its owner definitely stand out from the flow, which is what they strive for. Such people are usually sociable and calm, both in life and on the road.
  • Green is the color of independent people. It is believed that the owners of green cars claim to be “troublemakers” because their actions on the road are difficult to predict. At the same time, these people are constantly striving for something new and are distinguished by loyalty and even a share of shyness. The owners of cars of light green shades, as well as the owners of red shades, are aggressive on the road.
  • Pink colors are dreamy, but only in moderation. Excess of pink signals about the unseriousness of a person. However, owners of cars of “zephyr” color keep on the road respectfully in relation to other participants of traffic.
  • The silver one is chosen more often by rational people, who think over their every move and do not want to attract a lot of attention. Gray or silver is not suitable for people with an active position in life, who want to stand out.

From this, it follows that it is better for irascible people to choose a car whose colour has a “cooling” effect – dark or silver. But anyway, the colour solution should be based on your feelings of comfort and safety.

The Practicality of the Car

When buying a car, it is not enough to pay attention to its shade from an aesthetic point of view. The colour of the car affects the situations on the roads differently, the degree of accidents, and also has to do with its practicality.

  • White. A non-dense stream of such a car stands out among the others, but if the density of white cars in a small area is high, the color may merge. In the snow time of the year, the accident rate of such cars increases many times. White does not require special care, because dust and scratches on the cloth are not significantly visible.
  • Black. Such a car quite often merges with the color of the asphalt, and in the dark time of the day and at all becomes imperceptible. Black cars owners participate in accidents more often than others. As for practicality – pollution on such a car is visible at once, and in summer the temperature inside the car rises by the minute.
  • Red. The car undoubtedly attracts attention, and they try to avoid it – the owners are not distinguished by a calm driving style. Red shades tend to burn out quickly in the sun.
  • Blue. It is safe to be on the road with the owner of a blue car due to his psychology described above. Darker shades of blue require slightly less maintenance than black cars. Light shades (blue) refer to the “feminine”, dust is less visible than on a dark car. However, the blue color of the car reduces concentration on the road if you follow it for a long time.
  • Yellow. In itself, it activates the activity of the brain. Pollution on such a car is noticeable, but if you approach it from a humorous point of view, it looks even interesting – it is only left to the will of imagination. Due to their distinctive shade, the owners of yellow cars rarely become participants in accidents. However, the risk of the wrong estimation of the distance between the traffic participants increases.
  • Green. Along with blue, dust is clearly visible in dark shades. In addition, in the blooming season in the background of bushes and trees, the green car is less noticeable. Salad shade is a stimulant of the immune system, and the dust on such a car is only slightly visible.
  • Pink. Definitely a woman’s color. It is rare to find a car that is dirty. On the road, the participants of circulation on pink iron horses are treated with caution – there is an opinion that instead of a serious attitude to the road situation, the car owners “fly in the clouds”. But, probably, such an attitude is formed only because the associative connection works.
  • Silver. Practical color in terms of care – dirt and scratches will not be conspicuous. In summer, reflecting the sun’s rays, the body doesn’t allow overheating the car interior. But in the dark time of the day, a gray car is little noticeable on the road, so it is recommended to take measures to avoid accidents.

Choosing the shade of your car, you should properly prioritize – do you need a bright car to attract attention, which plays on safety and beauty, or are you a supporter of practicality and have no great desire to spend every evening with a rag.

Omens and superstitions

Car owners do not disregard omens and superstitions, because some of them really come true. The colour of the car is also true. The Americans consider green as the colour which brings bad luck on the road. According to statistics, it is green cars more often get into accidents.

The Australians, as well as many others, consider black cars to be the most accident-prone, and white is the safest. The red colour is said to be the one, they stop at the road police checkpoints more often. And the brown colour car itself is a talisman and warns from theft.

The general omens for purchase of the car remain invariable for a long time. Many people know that it is necessary to “mark” the purchased car. It is also believed that the car has its own mechanical soul, which means you should treat it with respect, you can even pick up a name.

It is believed that over time when the car and its owner become one, the “iron horse” can signal about the state of the driver. Thus, an overheated engine without any reason can mean the accumulated inside anger of the owner, and sweating glasses can signal possible problems with eyesight and hear or about that there is something in the life of the driver, to which he doesn’t want to pay attention.

You really meet a car by its appearance – the shape of the body, colour or degree of dirt, and its technical characteristics are taken for brains. How to choose the colour of the car – according to the zodiac sign, feng shui philosophy, giving preference to practicality or aesthetics – is everyone’s business. But to draw conclusions about the driver, based solely on the shade of his car, chosen by him, is not reasonable, but, nevertheless, some conclusions can indeed be made.

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