Uber Nigeria Car Requirements And How Much To Make From Uber Business 2021

As the Nigerian economy and employment state takes a new turn, the majority of her citizens are seeking other means to earn a living. Attention has shifted from the so-called white-collar jobs; Nigerians now seek other ‘seemingly lesser’ means to make money. One such means is Uber driving.

Uber is a technology-driven taxi company that does not own any vehicle of its own, rather it provides a platform that seamlessly connects drivers to riders at pocket-friendly prices. With Uber, you can register to be a driver regardless of if you have a car or not. If you have a car, your car has to meet the requirements stated by Uber.

How Much Can One Make From Uber Business In Lagos
How Much Can One Make From Uber Business In Lagos?

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Vehicle Requirements For Uber 

The acceptable car for an Uber ride must meet the following requirements:

  • Not older than the 2000 model year
  • Is a 4-door sedan
  • In good working condition and aesthetic condition
  • Able to carry at least 4 passengers
  • Has functional windows, air conditioning, and radio

Cars Not Accepted By Uber In Nigeria

If your car is in any of these states, it will not be accepted for use by Uber

  • 2-door cars are not accepted
  • Full-size trucks or vans
  • Taxies, government-owned vehicles, and other marked vehicles can’t be used for Uber driving business
  • Salvaged, accidented or rebuilt vehicles will be rejected.

How To Get Your Vehicle Registered With Uber

If your vehicle meets the requirements, the next important step is to get your vehicle registered with Uber. Here is how to do so:

  1. Get your vehicle inspected by the inspection centres recognized by Uber.
  2. 2. Upload a valid Vehicle licence
  3. 3. Upload your Insurance certificate
  4. 4. Upload a Proof of ownership
  5. 5.Upload a Certificate of road-worthiness
  6. 6. Upload Vehicle Inspection Report
  7. 7. Tint permit if your windows are tinted
  8. 8. The following are additional documents for Lagos: State Hackney Permit and a vehicle body tag for all routes

Requirements To Become A Uber Driver

  • -Have a valid driving license in Nigeria
  • -Be 21 years old or older

-Attend driver’s training offered by Bolt and Uber to learn how to offer quality ride-hailing service as well as navigate the app.

How To Get Car on Hire Purchase Or Car Loan For Uber Drivers In Nigeria
How To Get Car on Hire Purchase – Car Loan For Uber Drivers In Nigeria

How Much Can You Earn Being A Uber Driver

Uber drivers are usually paid weekly, except in certain situations where the customer decides to pay cash directly. Estimating the exact amount an Uber driver makes weekly is dicey. This is because earnings are dependent on different factors. Some of these factors are;

LOCATION: Where you are located has a lot of impact on earnings because it determines how many orders one is likely to get. For instance, an Uber driver located in Lagos (Island), is more likely to earn more than a Uber driver in Ibadan.

SURGE: Surge happens when the demand for an Uber driver rises more than usual. At times like this, any available Uber driver earns more.

SERVICE FEE: Service fee, payable to an Uber driver, helps fund things like app development and customer support.

BOOKING FEE: This is extra fee riders pay that contributes to the earnings of Uber drivers. Booking fee helps to cover safety, regulatory, and operational costs such as insurance.

PROMOTIONS: Uber offers certain promotions that can increase the earnings of Uber drivers. For instance, an Uber driver earns extra money if he/she completes a set number of trips in a certain amount of time when the offer is available. Similarly, Uber drivers get paid extra for trips in certain areas at busy times.

TIPS: Some riders are benevolent and tend to give Uber drivers extra tips for the great service offered. This means, if you are an Uber driver with excellent service and customer service, you stand a chance of increasing your earnings.

Generally, taking into consideration all the factors stated above, an average Uber driver earns about 40,000-60,000 NGN per week.


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  • Friday: 9am – 3pm
  • Abuja Address: Top Floor, Jabi Lake Mall, Bala Sokoto Way, Abuja
  • Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm, Friday: 9am – 3pm
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