Toyota Cars Vs Honda Cars In Nigeria: Which Should I Buy?

Choosing the right car that fits your needs is one of the important decisions you will have to make. It would be unwise to buy a car that brings you so much burden and expenses. While there are a lot of automobile manufacturers, perhaps none seems to be common in Nigeria like Toyota and Honda.

Toyota and Honda are two giant car brands headquartered in Japan. These car brands have a reputation for offering quality and durability. Toyota and Honda have an extensive lineup of cars ranging from sedans, SUVs, pick-ups, trucks etc to meet the demands of their customers.

toyota cars vs honda cars
toyota cars vs honda cars

Toyota which began operation in 1936 was the first to start exporting cars to Nigeria as far back as 1965. The automobile giant has a partnership with Elizade Motors which happens to be the sole distributor of Toyota cars in Nigeria. Honda, on the other hand, began operation in 1948 by developing motorcycles before it ventured into car production.

While there are similarities between Toyota cars and Honda cars, there is still a question of which one should I go for, especially if all the cash on you can only be enough to buy just one car. This article on provides a comparison between the two automobile giants and serves as a guide to inform you on which car to buy.

Toyota Vs Honda Reliability

Although Nigerians are people who love stylish and fancy cars, the reality of Nigerian roads has made many sacrifice aesthetics for reliability. Considering the economy of Nigeria and road nature, it is money-wise to go for a car that is durable and reliable.

Toyota has the upper hand when it comes to reliability. The brand has chiefly focused on producing cars that are reliable, even if the performance isn’t so great. This is why in Nigeria, there are thousands of Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla. These two cars have high ratings of reliability. Sadly, Honda cars are plagued with bolt joint and tie rod issues, transmission failure issues, and even steering column complaints which happen without notice. These complaints have plummeted the reliability rank of Honda cars.

Toyota Vs Honda Performance

If what is most important to you in a car is a great performance, then the Honda is a better fit. Honda automakers have focused on producing cars that rate higher in aesthetics and performance. The car brand offers more turbocharged engines than Toyota.

Toyota Vs Honda Aesthetics

As mentioned earlier, Honda has focused more energy on producing sporty, fancy-looking cars. If you are a big lover of making a statement with your car, then a Honda car is more fitted. Although, recently, Toyota has upped their game in Improving the looks of their car, however, Honda still has an edge over them.

toyota cars vs honda cars in Nigeria
toyota cars vs honda cars in Nigeria

Toyota Vs Honda Price

Amongst other common car brands out there, Toyota and Honda still have the most affordable set of cars. Toyota has more car models than Honda. Ever since Honda has been competing head to head with Toyota to produce affordable cars. Below is a comparison of the prices of similar car models from Toyota and Honda. The prices used here are in dollars due to its stability compared to the Nigerian naira.

  • Toyota Yaris ₦7. 8 million vs. Honda Fit ₦8.9 million
  • Toyota Corolla ₦9.7 million vs. Honda Civic ₦9.7 million
  • Toyota Prius ₦11.8 million vs. Honda Insight ₦11.4 million
  • Toyota Camry ₦12 million vs. Honda Accord ₦11.8 million
  • Toyota 86 ₦13.3 million vs. Honda Civic Si Coupe ₦12.1 million
  • Toyota Prius Prime ₦13.6 million vs. Honda Clarity Plug-In ₦16.7 million
  • Toyota Mirai ₦29.2 million vs. Honda Clarity (Lease Only)
  • Toyota Sienna ₦15.7 million vs. Honda Odyssey ₦15 million
  • Toyota Tacoma ₦12.9 million vs. Honda Ridgeline ₦15 million
  • Toyota C-HR ₦10.5 million vs. Honda HR-V ₦10.2 million
  • Toyota RAV4 ₦12.8 million vs. Honda CR-V ₦12.1 million
  • Toyota Highlander ₦15.8 million vs. Honda Pilot ₦15.7 million
  • Toyota 4Runner ₦17.6 million vs. Honda Passport ₦16 million

These Toyota models don’t have a direct competitor from Honda.

  • Toyota Prius C ₦10.7 million
  • Toyota Avalon ₦17.8 million
  • Toyota Tundra ₦15.8 million
  • Toyota Sequoia ₦24.5 million
  • Toyota Land Cruiser ₦45 million

Toyota Vs Honda Resale Value

Toyota Cars Vs Honda Cars back view
Toyota Cars Vs Honda Cars back view

When it comes to getting the best resale value, the vehicle brand is an important influence. Several situations can come up, and you decide to sell your car, it will be really said to get a market value that is way below the worth of your car. Generally, Toyota cars have a higher resale value than Honda cars. This means you can have a Honda car for sale, but it will be priced lower than a Toyota of the same condition and size. The reason for this is because Toyota cars are considered more reliable compared to Honda.


Toyota and Honda cars are quite popular in Nigeria. While they have distinctive features that separate them, both have a reputation for quality and good fuel economy. Using the comparison above, we hope it can help you select the car that perfectly suits your needs.

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