Toyota Camry Reliability And Common Problems

Toyota Camry Reliability And Common Problems

For a long time, Toyota Camry has been a car commonly used and purchased by Nigerians. Talk about agile handling, fuel economy and superb engine the Toyota Camry ticks all these boxes. In addition to all these qualities, the Toyota Camry is also affordable, making it easy for even the average Nigerian to own one. Like every other machine, the Toyota Camry develops peculiar problems that arise with use.

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It is good for you as an owner of a Toyota Camry (or if you are planning on getting one) to be aware of the common problems associated with this car. In this article, brings you details about Toyota Camry’s reliability and common problems.

Is The Toyota Camry Reliable?

In terms of reliability, the Toyota Camry does not score so bad. According to Consumer Reports, the 2021 Toyota Camry model earned a five out of five predicted reliability rating. Similarly, older models have also scored between 4.0 to 5.0 on reliability ratings. Also, JD Power rated the Toyota Camry as one of the best customer-rated sedans. MotorTrend scored the 2020 Toyota Camry 7.8/10 in reliability ratings.

In addition to reliability, the Toyota Camry ranks high in terms of safety as well. The 2020 and 2021 Toyota Camry earned 5- star ratings in both front and side crash tests by the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA). With the right maintenance and care, the Toyota Camry is able to last for about 10-20 years. All of the above proves that the Toyota Camry is a really great car to have.

Toyota Camry: Common Problems

We have shown that the Toyota Camry is a great car any Nigerian driver will love to own. However, with these good sides comes downsides. Here are the common problems associated with the Camry.

Faulty Car Accessories

Several owners of the Toyota Camry have complained of problems with the interior accessories. Some of the common troubles reported are melting and/or sticky dashboards., defective sun visors etc. These problems can be corrected by replacing the faulty components. In addition, owners of the 2011 Toyota Camry have complained that their door locks began malfunctioning at around 85,000 miles. This problem can be corrected by inserting a new door lock actuator.

Rear Window Issues

Some owners of the 2010 Toyota Camry have reported issues with their rear window. They complained that their rear window shattered at about 47,750 miles. This issue if left untreated can pose serious danger to the driver and other vehicles on the road. This challenge can be corrected by visiting your mechanic for a rear window replacement.

Problems With The AC And Heater System

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2021 Toyota Camry Price, Pictures, And Interior in Nigeria

AC and Heater system issues are one of the commonly reported problems associated with several year models of the Toyota Camry. As a matter of fact, a lawsuit was filed alleging that the 2012 Toyota Camry model had a faulty air conditioning system that promotes mould growth. Similarly, owners of 2012, 2013, and 2014 Toyota Camry have reported instances of perceiving a musty smell from their AC vents. In other instances, the AC compressor stopped working and the vents stopped blowing air. Correcting this problem requires that the faulty components of the AC system be replaced or repaired.

Oil Consumption Challenges

Several owners of the Toyota Camry have reported issues associated with excessive oil consumption. This problem is prevalent with the 2007-2009 model, especially the 2007 Camry model. has excessive oil/fuel consumption as one of the highest registered problems with the 2009 Camry. Toyota acknowledged the excessive oil complaints on the Camry, particularly those produced between 2006-2011 by releasing a Technical Service Bulletin (TBS). Different solutions can be done to correct this problem depending on the cause. Common solutions include engine rebuilding, replacing faulty engine blocks, oil pistons, and/or piston rings.

Torque Converter Issues

The 2014 Toyota Camry had several complaints related to a torque converter failure. For most owners, symptoms were perceived at about 69,350 miles. They complain that their vehicle suddenly staggers at high and/or low speeds. A torque converter replacement or a transmission check can be done to solve this problem.

Problems With The Transmission

Generally, most vehicles tend to develop transmission problems with time. Peculiar transmission problems reported include gear shifting issues, delayed engagement and transmission slipping. The 2002 Toyota Camry has few gear shift problems, while 2003 has serious complaints about delays when accelerating. You can visit a qualified mechanic to help you diagnose and repair faulty components causing transmission issues in your Camry.

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