Tips On How To Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Driving is fun and can be more fun with a working Air Conditioner. This helps keep the drive and car cool eliminating environmental pollution like dust while driving, but all this fun could be put to reverse. Imagine driving in a car with a non-working air conditioner (Ac) and you get stuck up in traffic, you agree with me that the experience automatically changes from fun to a sweaty inconveniencing ride.

The term Air conditioner commonly abbreviated A/c is defined as a device that eliminates heat thereby promoting coolness and ventilation. In cars air conditioners (A/c) help to dehumidify the car interior, defrost the windshield, and provide cooling comfort to drivers and passengers.\

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Knowing how all the cooling process is obtained is a great start as knowledge is power, this will give a better understanding and help out in times of difficulty. The air conditioner (AC) system is made up of five basic parts;


This refers to the power unit of the a/c, it is responsible for compressing and hiking the refrigerant’s temperature after which the refrigerant is sent through the condenser. The compressor is the brain behind the cool drive you enjoy as you drive.


The condenser is a device responsible for changing the gaseous substance into a liquid state through cooling. Condensers are used for efficient heat rejection in many industrial systems. Condenses come in different designs and sizes ranging from very small to large.

Receiver/ Dryer

The dryer is a filter, it is responsible for separating gas from a liquid as a liquid can ruin the compressor as it isn’t designed for liquids. It is responsible for filtering particles and debris flowing through the circuit and also stores the lubricant and refrigerant.

Orifice Tube

The orifice tube is located in-between the condenser and evaporator and monitors the temperature and the amount of refrigerant that is safe for evaporation.


The evaporator is responsible for the cold, refreshing air you enjoy. It cools the refrigerant and then blows it into the cabin of your vehicle.

All these benefits can be lacking when A/c is faulty, here are a few tips to help fix cars Air conditioner issues;

Imagine a sick patient, goes to the hospital to see a doctor with respect to his/her health, the first question the doctor will ask is what and what symptoms the patients feel as this will amount to what  prescription would follow, its same process when it comes to fixing a car’s a/c;

Check the a/c system charge

The refrigerant level decreases as your vehicle ages; this should be checked and properly maintained. The recharging process takes very little time (20 -25 mins). A system producing white vapour from the dent is a system that has a low car. A system’s charge can be checked by connecting a charge kit to read its static pressure.

Check the Airflow

This process will require you to start the car and carry out a feel test. Check to see if air proceeds from the A/c and further check on the cooling fans, an absence of air could be an electrical fault. As stated earlier above, the compressor is the powerhouse of the a/c, if the clutch is not engaging, use a voltmeter to check for voltage getting to the compressor. If there is voltage – the clutch may be bad. No voltage could mean a faulty fuse, bad cycling switch and this will prevent the system from producing enough refrigerant pressure.

Check out for leaks

Imagine a balloon that is pricked, it automatically loses its ability to retain air. A faulty air conditioner (ac) could be as a result of leakage on any of its components. One easy way to find leaks is by the use of a UV A/V Leak detection kit. The instructions and guidance for its use are stated on the manual, Check around the fittings and hose manifolds, front seal, Schrader valves, pinholes and ensure they are all secure and free from leaks.

Diagnose Electrical issues

It is no doubt that a no- working air conditioner (a/c) can be caused by an electrical fault as a failure of the fuse or switch will amount to a failed system. It is important that you check out all electrical connections to its functionality. Carefully and properly check the engine making sure the pulley’s middle properly corresponds with its other parts as no alignment in the pulley will mean it’s in good working shape.

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