Tesla Model 3 Is Now The Quickest-Selling Used Cars

The Tesla Model 3 is now the best-selling used automobile in the United States, and it is so popular that it occasionally sells for more than new. The chip shortage that is currently impacting the auto industry has spread to the used car market.

Because getting a new automobile may be so difficult owing to limited production, many people have turned to the used car market, where stocks are as low.

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Tesla Model 3 Now Costs Less To Own Than Toyota Camry
Tesla Model 3 Now Costs Less To Own Than Toyota Camry Hybrid

Furthermore, due to their scarcity, electric cars have always performed well in the used car market, but they have faced an uphill battle. Because the same car would come with a ₦3.1 Million tax credit if purchased new in the United States, incentives for new electric car purchases have resulted in an inherent decrease in resell value.

Tesla’s used price value has increased since it passed the 200,000-delivery level in the United States and lost access to the credit. Combining this with the chip scarcity has resulted in Tesla automobiles, particularly the Model 3, becoming the best-selling secondhand cars on the market, according to iSeeCars.

According to the firm’s newest research, used Model 3 vehicles sell in 16 days on average, which is half the industry average and nearly four days faster than the second-best, the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Here are the top ten best-selling used automobiles in September 2021 in the United States:

S/NVehicleDays to Sell on AveragePrice on Average
1Tesla Model 316.0₦19.5 Million
2Mitsubishi Outlander19.7₦8.6 Million
3Toyota Prius20.7₦9.2 Million
4Honda Insight21.2₦9.9 Million
5Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross21.7₦9.7 Million
6BMW 2 Series22.3₦12.8 Million
7Toyota Highlander Hybrid22.6₦16.7 Million
8Kia Sedona22.9₦9.6 Million
9Tesla Model X22.9₦33.2 Million
10Nissan Pathfinder22.9₦11 Million

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