Steps To Ensure That Your Car Lasts Longer

Cars represent one of the prized possessions of any individual, particularly Nigerians who are fond of often throwing a party anytime they buy a new car. Knowing how valuable and how expensive a car can be, it only makes sense that you would want to do anything within your power to make it last longer. Here are steps you can take to ensure your car lasts longer:

Follow The Owner’s Manual

Every car comes with an owner’s manual that contains pertinent information and instructions from the manufacturer about the use of your car. It’s in your best interest to read and adhere to the information contained in the owner’s manual. This could save you unnecessary frustration with your car and even save you some bills down the line.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Imagine not giving due diligence to take care of your body and health, what do you think would happen to you? You will become unhealthy, of course. The same rule applies to making your vehicle last longer. Cars require regular routine maintenance to keep them at their best performance. Common routine maintenance you can do on your car includes Regular oil changes, Periodic inspections, Tire rotations, inflations, and alignment checks, Brake inspections, Cooling system checks and refills, Battery changes etc.

Check Out The Fluids

Fluids like oil, transmission fluid, coolants etc are an important part of the moving components of your car. If these fluids run dry or become contaminated, it can result in damage to the vital parts of your car such as the engine etc. To make your car last longer, always check the fluid level at regular intervals. Change it or fill it to the required level as the occasion demands.

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Use Recommended Car Parts And/Or Fluids

You can’t compare your car model and brand to every other car on the road. In most cases, the car part that will work for a Toyota might not work for a BMW. So, you have to be careful when replacing car parts or fluids in your vehicle. Buying the wrong part might result in worse damage to your vehicle, which will result in unwarranted expenses and consequently shorten the lifespan of your car. Therefore to avoid this, always stick to the recommended parts specified by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual.

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Embrace Good Driving Habits

How you drive can affect how long your car will last. Are you an aggressive driver or a gentle one? Aggressive driving is often characterized by Driving too fast, Rapid acceleration and braking, Sharp cornering and swerving from lane to lane, Taking lots of short trips (less than a mile), Driving off immediately after starting the engine etc. If you engage in this too often, then you are overworking your car and in the process shortening, its lifespan. To make your car last longer, ensure you limit or don’t engage in aggressive driving, but rather drive calmly.

Clean And Protect Your Car From The Elements

Another important tip to make your car last longer is to keep it clean and protect it from the elements like sun, rain etc as much as possible. Regular cleaning and washing help to remove dirt, grime, debris etc that can rust the bodywork and make the car paint peel. Also, try to park under a shade or in a garage to reduce exposure to rain, sun, hail, snow etc.

Inspect The Tires

The tires are a vital part of your car as they are the ones that have direct contact with the ground. Your car’s handling, braking, acceleration etc all depend on the efficiency of your tires. This means it’s highly important you pay attention to them if you want your car to last long. Check out for issues like low inflation pressure, uneven wear patterns, or excessive wear when inspecting your tires. If you discover any problem, it might be a cue to inflate, align, rotate or even change the tires.

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Pay Attention To Warning Signs

In most cases, your car can inform you about an impending problem through different warning lights and alerts on the dashboard. It’s wise to take action on these signals as soon as possible, and don’t just wish it away. Some signals can be as simple as informing you to buckle your seat belts, close your doors properly etc. It can also be as serious as car engine problems, low battery charge, low fuel etc. Not paying attention to these signs might cost you a lot of money to repair and eventually shorten your car’s lifespan.

Start Slow

Following hours of your car resting, it could be damaging to start the engine and rev off immediately. It’s always best to start your car, and then let it idle for about 30-60 secs. This will allow for oil to distribute to the moving parts and reduce sudden friction, which will in turn make your car last longer.

Take A Proactive Approach To Car Repair

Don’t wait until your car stops working before you remember to take it to your mechanic’s shop for repair. Once you start noticing the signals, and it’s something you can’t handle alone, be quick to consult your mechanic.


Your car can’t just last long by accident, you have to put in the work by implementing the steps needed to make your vehicle last longer as listed in this article.

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