Scary moment singer, Maeta, was bitten by a snake during a video shoot

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A video shared online shows the terrifying moment American singer, Maeta, was bitten by a snake during a video shoot.

In the video, the Roc Nation’s artist was seen lying down on the floor as two snakes were placed on her chest.

However, the snake that was already on her chest sprang up impulsively when the second snake touched it and bit the singer on the chin.

This made her writhe in pain and remove the snakes from her body.

Maeta shared the video on her Instagram page and bemoaned the struggles she goes through to make creative videos for her fans.

She wrote, “what I go through to make videos for y’all”.

It is believed that the venom was removed from the snake before the shoot so it was not dangerous.

Watch the video below,

She shared a photo of her face hours later to reveal that she is fine and the bite was not fatal.

See the photo below,

Maeta was bitten

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