Sanwo-Olu Lowers Traffic Fines in Lagos for Offenders

On Thursday, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced a decrease in fines for some traffic offenders in the state.  The decision was announced in an official statement headed, ‘Remorseful traffic offenders receive Sanwo-clemency Olu’s in exchange for lower fines.’

The Governor met with some of the traffic offenders during an unscheduled visit to the Lagos State Environment and Special Offences Enforcement Unit (Task Force) holding facility in Alausa, according to the statement.

New Lagos State Traffic Rules 2021 - Offences And Their Fines
Lagos State New Traffic Rules 2021: Offences and Penalties

The goal of the visit was to gain access to the unit’s operational activities. Some of the traffic violators, on the other hand, met with the Governor and pleaded with him to intervene in their cases. Despite reprimanding the traffic violators, the Governor chose to reduce their penalty for their violations.

“You all (offenders) have admitted to flouting traffic restrictions and you are here because you don’t want to be prosecuted for your offences in our mobile court,” Sanwo-Olu said in the statement.

“I’ve requested a list of all vehicles in this facility, and I’ll meet with Task Force officers to discuss it.” “We will still make a decision on your charges, but we will give you the option of having the penalty reduced.”

“If I give you this chance, you must not be caught breaking traffic laws again.” There are laws in place, and no one is above them.

“I’ll intervene to get the penalty reduced for you, and you must be sorry.” Anyone caught a second time would have their vehicle impounded outright. You must follow the law and show respect for our fellow citizens’ lives.”

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