Price of Most Expensive SUVs In Nigeria, Reviews and Buying Guide

There are SUVs that cannot just be purchased by anyone and are left for the rich and well-to-do class of society. From the magnificent Rolls Royce to the sleek Bentleys, here are some of the most expensive SUVs in the world.

MERCEDES-MAYBACH GLS 600 – From N82,400,000

2021 Mercedes Benz GLS63 Price, Performance, Review in Nigeria
2021 Mercedes Benz GLS63 Price, Performance, Review in Nigeria

Surely you have come across the phrase called a “German Machine”. This SUV is a unique example of such a word. The value of this beast is likened to that of a penthouse over at Beverly Hills or a mansion in Dubai and this is due to the luxurious value which has never been in doubt because it is a Mercedes Benz product. The SUV faces strict competition from the likes of Rolls Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga. You cannot talk about the Mercedes Benz in general without reference to the uniqueness of the GLS 600 because of the luxury features like the active multicontour front seat with massage, heated and ventilated front seats.

There are also some key features of the SUV that make it stand out amongst its peers with a powerful engine of 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo with EQ boost engine and this engine is a technological masterpiece made by some of the best engineers in the world. The engine uses a 9G Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission to power the wheels of the SUV.

LAMBORGHINI URUS –  From N91,600,000

2020 Lamborghini Urus Price, Reviews, And Buying Guide
2020 Lamborghini Urus Price, Reviews, And Buying Guide

The Urus giving a new definition to the extreme with its appropriately exaggerated proportions is one of the fastest available SUVs. Luxury is not overlooked in this speedster as expected from the Lambo brand as it guarantees maximum comfort with the state-of-the-art interior, matching its quarter of a million-dollar starting price tag.

The Urus powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine packing a whopping 641hp going from 0-60mph in an impressive 3.1s is a beast despite its size. Lamborghini estimates its top speed to be around 190mph, impressive for an SUV.

The Urus with air springs in all four corners gives the car an athletic feel with quick steering and stable high-speed cornering. The SUV also includes some safety features such as a night vision camera, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert, and self-parking assist.

KNIGHT XV – From N99,500,000

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The Knight XV is a hand-built highly luxury SUV that has been produced by Conquest vehicles since 2008. It provides options and upgrades which include a built-in oxygen survival kit, an under-vehicle magnetic attachment detection system, multiple armour levels and a black box system. The Knight XV is armoured with ballistic steel, ballistic fibreglass fenders and bumper. The door hinges are made with polished solid stainless steel.

General standard features include front and rear passenger power windows, intercom communication system, and heated driver, passenger and two rear seats

MERCEDES-BENZ G63 AMG 6×6 – From 123,000,000

2021 Armoured Mercedes Benz AMG G63 cost in Nigeria
2021 Armoured Mercedes Benz AMG G63 cost in Nigeria

Mercedes terms this SUV “the most spectacular cross-country vehicle of all time,” and they may be right. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 has, as the name shows, six driven wheels. Those six wheels require five lockable differentials and three rigid axles which operate autonomously. Combined, the vehicle produces 536 horsepower with 560 pound-feet of torque because of the AMG-built 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

With the six tyres, the vehicle takes a lot of space. The rig measures 2.3 metres tall, 2.1 meters wide, and 5.87 meters long. Part of that height comes from a ground clearance of 460mm, including up to one metre of water. It also has a 52-degree approach and a 54-degree departure angle.

ROLLS-ROYCE CULLINAN –  From N138,500,000

2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan Price, Review, Interior
2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan Price, Review, Interior: Most Prestigious Luxury Car

The Cullinan, getting its name from a gigantic diamond, fitting for its price, is currently one of the most expensive SUVs in the world. The car with a powerful 6.7-litre V12 twin-turbo engine, putting out 563 horsepower, goes from 0-60mph in just a mere 4.5 seconds. This beauty showcasing a stunning hand-stitched interior, with a leather selection of the highest quality shows that no expense was spared in making it as luxurious as expected of the Rolls-Royce brand.

Not just to be seen as a luxury cruiser, the Cullinan works well in off-road situations with its state-of-the-art “Magic Carpet” air suspension system which uses live road scanning and satellite navigation information to adjust, in real-time, the suspension settings to maintain a smooth ride.

Dartz Prombron Black Shark – From N218,890,000

jay z Armored Dartz Prombron
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The Dartz Prombron is believed to be the world’s most expensive SUV and is the brainchild of Leonard Yankelovich and Dartz Motorz Company. It comes with a 6.0-litre V12 engine which makes it powerful. It can reach a top speed of 194 mph (312km/h).

The exterior body is decorated with Armour-plating, White gold-ruby embedded badges, Bullet-proof windows, Electrified door handles Kelver Exterior coating and Extra-thick electrochromatic privacy windows. Also included are two petrol tanks and a signal hammer. Every model comes with three bottles of RussoBaltique which is the most expensive vodka in the world.

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Buying Guide For The Most Expensive Suvs In Nigeria

As it suggests, there are actually the most expensive SUVs you can ever purchase. This means that you have to be extremely boxed to be able to afford any of these cars. Apart from the cost of purchase itself, there are other things like maintenance and some have extremely high costs of maintenance so it is not easy at all to own one of these.

If fortunately, you can, you have to make a budget and plan out all the costs that would come with it because it would not be the same as owning just a regular SUV.

Also, you should ensure you purchase from a reliable car store. Most of these vehicles are not just sold anywhere in Nigeria. There are some you have to purchase on pre-order before it is delivered to you.

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