Price Of Car Seat Cover In Nigeria

Car seats are a daily essential because they provide various forms of safety and protection to both you and your child. It also gives your car a forever good-looking appeal which makes it inviting to any passenger.

Original Leather Car Seat Cover Prices in Nigeria
Original Leather Car Seat Cover Prices in Nigeria

Instead of worn-out car seats, using car seat covers make it better for your car to look new. They can be easily changed when they get old and will protect your car seats from any damage. They are easy to get from any store or website. This article lists the price car seat covers.

Type Of Car Seats

There are three major types of car seats which are the infant car seats, Booster seats and convertible car seats.

Infant Car Seats

In Nigeria, infant child seats are very popular and are good to keep babies in a comfortable and safe seating position. They are made specifically for infants and younger babies. An infant seat always rear-faces in the car and can be used from birth until your baby reaches the seat’s maximum height or weight limits, which usually happens around one year of age. Infant car seats attach to a base. The base stays installed in your car and the seat clicks in and out, making it easier to get your baby in and out of the car. Some cars come with child LATCH seats which make it easier to install any infant seat of any type.

Convertible Car Seats

A convertible car seat can be used with children of various sizes and can flip from a rear-facing to a forward-facing seat. A convertible seat starts in the rear-facing position for babies and toddlers and switches to forward-facing once your little one has outgrown the seat’s maximum rear-facing height or weight limits.

Convertible car seats are heavier and bulkier than infant car seats. Instead of attaching to a base, convertible seats use your car’s seat belt or Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system for installation directly into your car. It is a system of built-in straps and hooks on a car seat and anchor hardware in your vehicle designed to make car seat installation safer and simpler.

Booster Seats

Just like the name implies, booster seats boosts the person up higher in your car’s seat. This ensures that your car’s regular lap and shoulder belts cross over the person’s body at the correct points to securely hold them. Booster seats are designed to be used for children who are at least four years old and at least 40 pounds. There are two types of booster seats: high-back and backless. High-back boosters are similar to car seats in that they are smaller-sized seats with a bottom and a back. They have a guide where you can thread your vehicle’s shoulder belt so it correctly fits your child. Backless boosters only have a seat component. They are designed to provide the extra height needed so your little one can be safely strapped in.

What Safety Benefits Do Car Seats Cover Provide?

When getting a car seat, these are attention to pay to;

A five-point harness: This type of harness consists of two shoulder straps, two waist straps and a between-the-legs strap that all meet in a middle buckle. Five-point harnesses are safer than three-point harnesses because they spread the force from a crash over more areas of the body. They also hold your baby in place, preventing them from wiggling into an unsafe position.

Easy harness adjustment: A harness cannot do its job unless it is properly fitted, and you will have a much better chance of getting it right if it is easy to adjust. Look for a no-rethread harness if possible which means that you will be able to move the seat’s shoulder straps up and down without having to manually reroute them.

Higher rear-facing weight limit: As we mentioned above, riding rear-facing is safer for your little one than forward-facing. Choose a seat with a high rear-facing weight limit for extended use.

Side-impact protection: In some crashes, your car is hit from the side rather than the front. Currently, side-impact protection is unregulated, so the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) is researching how to test side-impact protection and what laws should be passed. You definitely want something that advertises side-impact protection, but be sceptical of claims that one brand has “more” than another because there’s no objective testing standard yet.

Price Of Car Seat Covers In Nigeria

Budget most will come into play, no matter what your wants are. Certain materials definitely hold more appeal, but the question is: does the price justify it and will they hold up to your daily routine?

At, you can get these car seat covers at the following prices;

Royal Exclusive Car Seat Covers – N20,000

Give your car a new look with this Royal Exclusive Car Seat Cover. You do not have to spend so much before changing the look of your car. The interior of your car can be re-branded with this royal exclusive car seat cover at a very affordable and pocket-friendly price. This cover will totally transform the look of your car as it is made of very quality, heat resistant leather material. It is a must-try and at a very affordable rate.

Complete Royal Car Seat Cover – Brown – N20,000

This car seat cover is durable and practical and is suitable for cars of any size. It is comfortable in any weather type and protects the seats, making it look brand new every now and again. It is also easy to install and wash.

Fancy O C Classic Red Car Seat Cover – Red & Black – N12,000

Cover for Car Seats enhances the look and feel of your space by adding a touch of luxury. Most car seats are universally sized and installation is usually quick and uncomplicated with the need of no tool. Buyers can choose from a variety of colours and sizes to suit their needs.

Fancy O C Classic Car Seat Cover – Grey & Black – N12,000

Materials are made from durable and comfortable breathable 3D air mesh fabric. Buyers can increase the value and look of their car, truck, van or SUV with this seat cover set. Hand washable fabric allows you to keep your vehicle’s interior like new for years to come. It comes with a soft mesh exterior for added support and comfort to your ride. It can be used in any of the four seasons. It is also resistant to dirt, wear and is easy to clean.

You can also find other car seat covers at the website:

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