Price Of 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 in Nigeria, Buying Guide, Cost Of Insuring

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is an excellent option if you are in need of a luxury car. The S-Class has a smooth and tranquil ride, engine power to spare, exquisite seating comfort, and advanced safety features that enable near-autonomous driving. All this luxury comes at a high price, though. Most rivals cost significantly less to purchase and own. Still, the S-Class feels a cut above its rivals.

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2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 back view
2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 back view

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Standard Features 

The following are the standard features of the 2016 S550. They include;

  • An adjustable air suspension.
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control (with air purification and cabin fragrance systems).
  • 12-way power front seats (with heating).
  • Keyless ignition and entry.
  • Cruise control.
  • Four-way lumbar.
  • Automatic wipers.
  • All-LED lighting (including adaptive headlights and automatic high beam control).
  • A power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.
  • Leather seat upholstery.
  • “MB-Tex” simulated leather interior trim.
  • Auto-dimming mirrors.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Engine, Performance And Fuel Economy 

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 models are powered by a turbocharged 4.7-litre V8 engine that produces 449 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed automatic is standard on the versions. Rear-wheel drive is standard on the sedan. “4Matic” all-wheel drive is optional on the sedan and standard on the coupe.

During its performance testing, a rear-wheel-drive S550 sedan went from 0 mph to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, which is quick but ultimately on the same level as similarly powered flagship luxury sedans. An S550 coupe 4Matic in the testing reached 60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

The base S550 sedan gets a combined 20 mpg with 17 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway, which is a bit low for the class. The 4Matic sedan gets 19 mpg combined with 16 city run and 26 highway run while the 4Matic coupe gets 19 mpg combined with 16 mpg city run and 24 mpg highway run.

For the best fuel economy in the S-Class lineup, consider the S550e plug-in hybrid, which gets 58 mpg-equivalent and has an electric-only range of 12 miles.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Interior

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Interior
2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Interior

The 2016 S550 seats five and the coupe seats four. The front seats are supple and well-contoured, offering excellent comfort on longer trips. The coupe’s rear seats are plush and surprisingly roomy, while the sedan’s palatial rear seats offer lounge-worthy accommodations. There is an available Executive Rear Seat package that lowers the sedan’s seating capacity to four, but it provides two luxe rear seats with footrests, a centre console, and folding tables. Leather upholstery and heated front seats are standard in all models; heated, ventilated, and massaging front and rear seats are available. The S550’s cabin is well-insulated and lavishly styled with top-notch materials.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Driving

The 2016 model of the S550 drives effortlessly. The steering is fairly light, and when equipped with lane-keeping assist and/or Distronic Plus cruise control, it will even subtly steer the car for you. You may think you have enjoyed a comfortable ride before in another car, but it most likely is low in comparison to the adjustable air suspension fitted as standard to the S550. Not only does it iron out bumps, but it also does so without a hint of floatiness. Also, the ride gets even better with the sedan’s optional Magic Body Control. Utilising a windshield-mounted camera, the car detects bumps and other imperfections on the road ahead and automatically adjusts the air suspension to compensate. The way the regular S550 gets up to speed is impressive. Acceleration from the turbo V8 is sports car-like, yet its noises are reduced to a whisper inside the cabin.

Warranty For The Mercedes-Benz S550

Mercedes-Benz offers a certified pre-owned program for vehicles six years old or less and with fewer than 75,000 miles. Eligibility is determined by the vehicle’s initial sale date. Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned vehicles come with the balance of the original four-year/50,000-mile new-car warranty, plus an additional one-year/unlimited-mileage warranty. This warranty can be renewed for a fee. If the new-car warranty has expired, you will receive a one-year warranty with unlimited mileage. Every Mercedes-Benz CPO vehicle must pass a 165-point inspection.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Safety Features

The key safety features of the S550 include;

  • A rearview camera.
  • A driver drowsiness monitor.
  • Forward collision warning with brake assist. Adaptive pivoting headlights.
  • A 360-degree camera.
  • A night vision camera with pedestrian detection.
  • Parallel park assist (with parking sensors).
  • Blind spot monitoring.
  • Lane keep assist.
  • Adaptive cruise control with steering and full braking assist.

Cost Of Insuring A 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550

The cost of insuring a Mercedes-Benz S550 will depend on a variety of factors, including your budget, the level of coverage that you want, and the type of insurance that you choose. Your age, gender, location, credit score, and driving record can also have an impact on your insurance rates. Check out the car insurance guide and policy of your country to find what is best for you.

Is It Better To Buy A Used Or New S-Class?

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550
2016 Mercedes-Benz S550

Choosing between a used 2016 S-Class and a brand-new 2016 model is a dilemma. The average price of a used model is only a few thousand Naira less than the starting price of a new one. A used 2016 model at this price point will likely have more features or a more powerful engine than a new S-Class, but you will get a new-car warranty with a 2016 model, and you would not have to worry about the car’s maintenance history.

Financing rates on used models are also generally higher than you will get with a new model. Ultimately, if you prefer a more loaded model with a brawnier powertrain, the used model is probably right for you. If you want better financing rates and the benefits of being the first owner, you should buy a new 2016 S-Class.

Buying Guide For The Mercedes-Benz S550

2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 side
2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 side

The following are things prospective Mercedes-Benz owners should take note of. They include;

  1. Authentic Dealers: The worst thing that could happen to anyone is getting a fake car or a car with fake parts. This can be really frustrating and painful. This is why you should ensure you purchase your car from authentic dealers.
  2. Check Engine Parts: Since the engine is used to move the car, it is important you check the engine to ensure it is still okay especially if it is a fairly used model you are getting, so you do not end up being duped. A faulty engine may result in lots of repair and would render the car useless at a point.

Price Of Mercedes-Benz S550 In Nigeria

Brand new 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550N35 million
Foreign used 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550N26 million
Nigerian used 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550N20 million

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