Most Followed Instagram Pages Dedicated To Cars In Nigeria

Instagram is not just a social media channel to post pictures and enjoy lists and banters. If you are a car enthusiast, you can have your Instagram feed loaded with exciting pictures, videos and updates on cars. The following Instagram pages are dedicated to cars and you can follow any or all of them to stay informed about the world of cars.

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Asides from connecting car dealers to Buyers, car blogging, Carmart Nigeria is one of the top Instagram pages you should follow to get up-to-date stories about cars. We don’t just post car news, on our Instagram page, you will find reels, videos and pictures of celebrities’ cars, Cars for sale, car gists’, safety tips and everything you need to stay informed about the world of cars. The only way not to miss out on all these car gists’ is to follow carmart today on Instagram

  • Number of followers: 60.5k
  • Number of posts: 2,695
  • Instagram handle: carmartnigeria

Ola of Lagos

Davido and Tunde Ednut Gift Ola of Lagos 2 million, A trip to Dubai
Davido, Tunde Ednut Gift Ola of Lagos 2 million, A trip to Dubai

Its pleeeeenty! Ola of Lagos make sure you don’t miss out on top exotic cars in the street of Lagos, Research has it that Ola of Lagos currently have the most followed car page Instagram Since Ola was recognized by King Tunde Edut the life of him and his page has never been the same, Carmart early reported that Davido, Tunde Ednut Gift Ola of Lagos 2 million, A trip to Dubai

  • Number of followers: 223k followers
  • Number of posts: 493
  • Instagram handle: ola_of_lagos


With over 215k followers, Gidicars definitely falls in rank with the most followed Instagram car pages. A special thing about Gidicars is their ability to feature rare cars on their pages. Cars that fit the perfect description of vintage automobiles have found a way of popping up on the page.

  • Number of followers: 215k
  • Number of posts: 11.6k
  • Instagram handle: gidicars

Supercars Of Nigeria

Supercars of Nigeria has a wholesome presence on Instagram with thousands of followers. You can get engaged in gists about cars on Supercars of Nigeria’s Instagram page by participating in questions, polls and picture content. A wide range of topics like safety tips, new cars alerts, car motivation tips etc is regularly posted on the Instagram page.


Carcontinent is just an Instagram page for cars, they also function as brand influencers for cars. With thousands of followers, CarContinent are able to make car brands trend. They also have car discussion specialists; engineers and professional mechanics that give educated answers to car-related questions and issues.

  • Number of followers: 139k
  • Number of posts: 5,857
  • Instagram handle: CarContinent


If you want up-to-date info about cars in Nigeria, carsfromnaija should be a choice page to follow. The page handlers have a unique way of inviting and spicing up the conversation about different brands and models of cars.

  • Number of followers: 102k
  • Number of posts: 7,112
  • Instagram handle: carsfromnaija


Autojosh provides automobile news, articles and driving tips for existing and potential car users in Nigeria. Also, have a forum that is always ready to answer all your car related questions.

  • Number of followers: 92.8k
  • Number of posts: 5,159
  • Instagram handle: autojoshng


Anyone who has an unadulterated love for high-profile cars would immediately fall in love with Amg_Naija. Amg_Naija regularly updates its page with pictures, videos and content on high-end, exotic cars.

  • Number of followers: 81.3k
  • Number of posts: 2,925
  • Instagram handle: amg_naija


Juxycarz has a captivating Instagram age showcasing elegant pictures of different cars. This page also talks about the different features of cars and even compares cars of similar features in a program called ‘Faceoff’.

  • Number of followers: 49.9k
  • Number of posts: 3,782
  • Instagram handle: Juxycarz

Motoring Nigeria

Ever heard of the carvolution magazine? Carvolution magazine is one of the most interesting car magazines in Nigeria, and Motoring Nigeria is in charge of producing this magazine. Motoring Nigeria is involved in the organization of car shows. They also have a hand in the RoadKill Racing Series. They are also proudly the conveyors of Nigerian cars and Motorsport culture.

  • Number of followers: 38.7k
  • Number of posts: 4,190
  • Instagram handle: motoringnigeria


Carpottersng typically features supercars found in Nigeria on their page. They are able to stir conversation about the features of supercars and even educate their followers on the business side of automobiles. If you are an ardent lover of supercars, then carpottersng should be amongst the Instagram pages you follow.

  • Number of followers: 24.8k
  • Number of posts: 1666
  • Instagram handle: carpottersng

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