Luxury Car Rental Prices in Lagos – Best way to Rent any car in Lagos

Luxury Car Rental – Maybe, it’s your birthday or you have a big celebration around the corner and you want to step out in style, or you just came into the country and you need none of the hurrying and expressway crossings that accompanies Lagos public transport travel, then a Car rental service is your plug. The market of extravagant vehicle rental in Lagos, Nigeria is generally not blocked. This is on the grounds that it takes more than getting an armada of vehicles and showing them as “accessible available.”

Car Hire Services In Lagos
Car Hire Services In Lagos: Best Prices Online

There are valid justifications why vehicle enlist administration is consistently sought after. Going from one-time clients, return clients, and expats, individuals who disparage them have a lot of valid justifications.

What is a Luxury Car Rental service?

A car rental service is a business private exchange organizations have set up in the metropolitan zones of the city. It is an exchange service involving vehicles that allow people to rent cars that they need or desire.

Luxury cars will typically fit 5 individuals, with 2 enormous bags in addition to 2 little bags. You’ll likewise discover luxury domain vehicles, SUVs, and hybrids, contingent upon where you lease. Car rental organizations change their fleet of cars much of the time, and they regularly don’t know exactly which vehicles will be accessible on the grounds that a few vehicles will require cleaning, overhauling, fixing, and supplanting. This is the reason each rental vehicle has a similar model to the make and model you’re taking a look at. On the off chance that you decide to lease an extravagant vehicle, the similar choices will be other extravagant vehicles. Some luxury car rental companies will anyway ensure a particular model for their exceptional/luxury vehicles. Luxury cars are the best quality vehicles accessible.

Reasons why you should use a luxury car rental service in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Comfortability is assured: The main thing that rings a bell as the advantage of riding in a luxury vehicle is comfortability; and everybody adores that. You do not need to look stressed or worn out after driving through Lagos to arrive at your destination—particularly when it is a significant distance. And afterward, you have the accommodation of having the opportunity to choose when and how to utilize your rented vehicle.
  • Safety: For luxury car rental companies, safety and security are the priority of their practices. Barely will you see a luxury car rental service that won’t involve various safety and security highlights. A few organizations equip their vehicles with GPS services, impenetrable body, and windshields, airbag uphold, and more safety features.
  • Flexibility: If you love riding in luxury and a business person, who consistently loves to go to corporate functions and gatherings in fantastic style, luxury car rental service in Lagos will offer you the opportunity of choosing from different options anytime you patronize their services.

Luxury Car rental services in Lagos, Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria, there are several companies that offer the service of renting luxury cars. And because luxury car rentals are a growing business, many people are delving into it. But therein lays the problem. When there are many people in a particular line of business, how do you decide the best ones to patronize? CarMart has created a list of the top 5 luxury car rental services in Lagos.

Kunle Lawal Car Rental

Kunle Lawal Car Rental
Kunle Lawal Car Rental
  • Address: 1B Muri Okunola St, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Phone/WhatsApp: 08071777533, 08071777533
  • Email:
  • Website:

Kunle Lawal Professional Car Rental Service is one of the most popular car rental agencies in Nigeria’s capital, Lagos. The company was established in 1997 by Kunle Lawal, A man of great vision, and the right kind of skills to make this business venture a certain success. Having had an earlier life as a professional driver, and racking up several hours under the hoods of numerous types of cars, he is by far the best person to take this company to the next level in its growth.

ModelRental Pricing Per Day
Toyota SedansFrom ₦20,000 & above
Porsche SedansFrom ₦20,000 & above
Mustang SportsFrom ₦20,000
Toyota Land Cruiser PradoFrom ₦50,000
Mercedes Benz G-SeriesFrom ₦50,000
Range Rover Vogue/Sport SUVsFrom ₦50,000
Rolls RoyceFrom ₦70,000


At Rental 24H you have 3 pick-up locations to choose from: Ikeja, Apapa, and Victoria Island. For bookings, reach out through +1 (347) 719 1928. You can also contact their support team via

ModelRental Pricing Per Day
Toyota sedans₦29,000 – ₦60,000
Toyota SUVsFrom ₦76,000
Nissan SUVsFrom ₦96,000
Mercedes-Benz E-ClassFrom ₦96,000
BMW 5 SeriesFrom ₦145,000
Ford sedansFrom ₦44,000

Dream Africa Motors Nig. Ltd

Dream Africa Motors Nig. Ltd
Dream Africa Motors Nig. Ltd
  • Address: 11, Admirality Way, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos
  • Phone: 08164850540, 08136148911
  • Email:

Dream Africa is a leader in affordable exotic car rentals in Lagos Nigeria, we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and providing the best quality vehicles

Swift rental cars

  • Address: 1, Ibukunoluwa Awosika Street, Idado, Lekki, Lagos
  • Phone: 08172236921, 08172236918
  • Email:
  • Website:

Make It Nigeria Hospitality:

Make It Nigeria car rental
Make It Nigeria car rental

Our goal at MakeItNigeria is to provide short-stay and long-term stay facilities to Nigerians and expatriates alike that are vacationing or working in Nigeria — facilities that are safe, secure, clean, fully equipped/furnished, relaxing, comfortable and full of all luxuries one would come to expect from similar facilities in developed nations.

At MakeItNigeria, our goal is to bundle the Residential Rentals (short-term & long-term) with Safe and Comfortable Ground Transportation (Chauffeur-driven Car Hire Rental Services), Laundry & Catering Services, Telecommunications, In-House Personalized Beauty Care, Tour Guide, etc.

For bookings, visit or  contact them via:

  • Address: 27B Island Way, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Website:
  • Nigeria hotline: +234 817 470-2562, +234 817 777-0356
  • WhatsApp: +1 908 824-0101
  • Email:
ModelRental Pricing (Per Day)
 Range Rover SUVs₦29,950 – ₦149,950
 Toyota Prado Jeep₦59,950
 Mercedes Benz GL450₦69,950
Mercedes Benz G-Wagon₦109,950
Hover Limousine₦129,950
Chrysler Limousine₦139,950
Hummer Jeep Limousine₦159,950
Infiniti FX35 Limousine₦199,950
Range Rover Limousine₦199,950
Rolls Royce Ghost₦500,000
Rolls Royce Phantom₦575,000

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