Lagos To Cotonou By Road – Latest Bus Prices And Travel Tips

Lagos To Cotonou By Road – Latest Bus Prices And Travel Tips

Cotonou, the capital city of the Benin Republic is one of the frequent places visited by Nigerians. Most Nigerians traveling to Cotonou tend to begin their journey from Lagos. Cotonou is a relatively large city bustling with various inviting activities and social attractions. Nigerians tend to travel to Cotonou for various reasons, either for business purposes, vacation, or to seal deals. There are a lot of amazing places for sightseeing and fun activities; places like Hotel Benin Marina Beach, The Pendjari National Park, and Cotonou craft market.

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Lagos To Cotonou By Road – Latest Bus Prices And Travel Tips

Lagos To Cotonou
Lagos To Cotonou

Another major side attraction for Nigerians who visit Cotonou is the availability of cheap and quality used (Tokunbo) cars, which dealers can now resell in Nigeria and earn good profit. In case you have not visited Cotonou before, then you should consider going very soon. This article supplies an ample guide for traveling from Lagos to Cotonou by road.

How Long Is Cotonou From Lagos

Lagos to Cotonou by road would last approximately two hours.

Traveling From Lagos To Cotonou By Road

There are two major ways you can go by road to Cotonou from Lagos- Seme Border or Sango Border.

How To Travel From Lagos To Cotonou By Road

The easiest place to get a bus traveling from Lagos to Cotonou by road is in Mile 2 if you won’t be boarding the one-way fare buses. In Mile 2; at the price of 500-700 NGN, you will board a bus going to the borders of Seme.

Another place in Lagos where you can board a bus going to Cotonou is Iyana-Ipaja. Simply get to the Iyana-Ipaja bus stop very early in the morning- as early as 5 am. Cross to the side that faces Egbeda. If you are unsure, you can also ask people around where to get a bus to Seme but remember to be careful. One way to know that you are at the right place is that you will hear the drivers shouting “Seme”. Board the car or Sienna along with other passengers. Buses are available too, however even though they are cheap, it takes a long time for them to be full.

The bus will drop you at Seme borders, precisely Conoil filling station. Once you highlight off the bus, you will have to trek a little bit further from the Conoil filling station. You should see a park with a lot of bikes; one of those bikes will take you across the borders. After crossing the border; board a taxi at the price of 700-1000 Cefa to continue your journey into Cotonou.

Latest Bus Prices From Lagos To Cotonou

If you prefer a one-way fare bus to take you to Cotonou from Lagos, Nigeria, then you should consider going with ABC Transport or Chisco Transport. ABC Transport and Chisco Transport are the major transport companies that travel the Lagos-Cotonou route. Both Chisco Transport and ABC Transport have a departure time of 6:00 am.

Abc Transport

ABC Transport Price List 2021, Terminals Locations, Online Booking And Contacts
ABC Transport Price List 2021, Terminals Locations, Online Booking And Contacts

ABC transport is one of the most popular transport companies in Nigeria that ply the Lagos to Cotonou route every day. Passengers always commend ABC Transport for safe and reliable travel. Their hospitality is top-notch as well, as customers are served hot and spicy jollof rice during the trip.

Experienced and professional drivers with good work ethics convey passengers in ABC Transport. The executive buses are 52-seater and usually equipped with a restroom, AC, and television for comfort and entertainment.

  • The transport fare to Cotonou ranges from N10,000 – N16,000.
  • Main terminal: Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way, Amuwo Odofin, FESTAC, Lagos
  • Online booking:
  • Tel: 080340409964, 018793076,  08053001000, 08142552436
  • Email:

Chisco Transport

Chisco Transport Price List 2020, Terminals Locations, Online Booking and Contacts
Chisco Transport Price List 2021, Terminals Locations, Online Booking and Contacts

If you are looking for comfort, affordability, and adaptability, Chisco Transport is one of your best bets. A Lagos to Cotonou ticket at Chisco costs ₦15,000 – ₦17,000. One Lagos-Cotonou bus is available daily at 6:00 am. Chisco buses are always cozy and their drivers are always respectful.

  • Main terminal:  Jibowu terminal, 6 Ikorodu Road, Yaba, Lagos
  • Online booking:
  • Tel: 0806517669, 08089273799
  • Email:
Lagos To Ghana By Road - Latest Bus Prices in 2021 And Travel Tips
Lagos To Ghana By Road: Latest Bus Prices in 2021 And Travel Tips

Travel Tips When Travelling From Lagos To Cotonou

Travel as light as possible

Going with heavy luggage can make the journey more stressful and even invite extra charges. As much as you can pack all you need in a portable suitcase or traveling bag. Most transport companies weigh luggage and charge additional fees for the excess. Traveling light makes it easy for you to move around.

Come along with your International passport and yellow card.

Without your International passport, you won’t be able to cross the borders leading into Cotonou. In fact, transport companies won’t take you onboard if you are without an international passport. A yellow card serves as proof of vaccination against yellow fever. if you don’t have a yellow card you will be charged an additional N2,000 or more by transport companies.

Don’t bother about thick clothing

You will save yourself a lot of extra luggage if you don’t go in thick clothes. Besides, you don’t even need it. Cotonou’s temperature and the weather are similar to that of Nigeria.

Bring a small bag or a carry on bag along

A carry bag or a small bag is a place to put your valuables like wallet, phones, passport, power banks, etc. These items are important for you to enjoy your journey. You could also take a small camera along to take beautiful pictures of the scenery.

Eat light

Prior to your journey, ensure not to eat anything that could make you purge or sick during your journey. Make inquiries to know if lunch will be provided by the transport company you will book your trip to Cotonou with. If no provision is available, then do well to pack a light lunch for yourself. In addition, having some light snacks in your bag isn’t a bad idea.

Beware of fraudsters

Certain fraudsters are prevalent at the borders promising to give you a quick stamp. Beware of giving your documents and passports to people like that. It is advisable to give your passport along with the other passengers to the driver of the bus who is conversant with the route and procedures.

Go with extra cash

Besides the money you paid for your transport fare from Lagos to Cotonou, it’s advisable to go with some extra cash. You never can predict the unforeseen circumstances that might come up on the road.


Road travel to Cotonou by bus is a more affordable option you can take advantage of. Make sure you enjoy the journey and follow the travel tips listed above.

Safe journey

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