Lagos To Commence “No Inspection, No Certificate Of Roadworthiness” Rule by January 2022

The Lagos State Government plans to implement the ‘No Inspection, No Certificate of Roadworthiness’ regulation by January 2022 as part of its transportation reforms, in order to improve safety on all roads in the metropolis.

Dr Frederic Oladeinde, the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, revealed this at a meeting held recently at the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) Headquarters in Ojodu, explaining that the rule was enacted to curb and reduce the accident rate, which had risen in recent years, to the bare minimum.

The event, which was attended by transport unions and other stakeholders in the industry, was called, according to Oladeinde, to collect and incorporate ideas on the new policy before its implementation. He explained that the Lagos State Government wants to ensure that only roadworthy vehicles travel the city’s network of roads in order to alleviate traffic congestion caused by broken down vehicles, hence increasing the safety of people and property.

The Director, Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS), Engr. Akin-George Fashola, highlighted the benefits of the new policy, explaining that the previous arrangement, in which a Certificate of Roadworthiness is issued along with a Referral Note directing vehicle owners to the Lagos Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre (LACVIS) for inspection, will no longer be applicable.

He noted that it has been revealed that vehicle owners do not take their automobiles for inspection within 30 days of acquiring the Certificate of Roadworthiness, stating that such actions place the State in a vulnerable position in terms of unforeseen events.

Further, Fashola stated that the new rule will now require vehicle owners to have their vehicles inspected at any of the LACVIS centres before a Certificate of Roadworthiness is issued if their vehicle’s particulars have expired.

The Director also stated that the LACVIS test has been divided into two categories: public and private, ensuring that the 30 LACVIS centres located throughout the state are functional for all vehicle categories and have the capacity to accommodate the new policy, while standard requirements will not be jeopardized.

While noting that mobile services are available for large fleet vehicle owners, Fashola reiterated that no vehicle will be certified roadworthy if the owners fail to present their vehicles for inspection in order to identify any faults and implement corrective measures.

Mr Olusegun Ogungbemide, Lagos State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, urged transport workers and stakeholders to comply with the new directive, emphasizing that the measures are solely for the safety and protection of lives and that strict adherence will benefit all and sundry.

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