Innoson Motors Price List 2021, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Contact

Innoson Motors Price List 2021, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Contact

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing – Innoson Motors or Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) is the indigenous Nigerian auto brand focused on producing affordable and durable vehicles for Africans with the aim of preventing the importation of used cars to Africa.

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Innoson Motors Price List 2021, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Contact

Innoson Carrier (IVM Carrier 4×4) Pickup

Price: ₦10 million

Innoson Carrier 4×2

Innoson Carrier offers two engine options depending on whether you prefer a two-wheel or a four-wheel drive. The Innoson Carrier 2WD features the same 2.4 litre, four-cylinder engine as the Innoson G5. Innoson Carrier 4WD features a 2.7 litre, four-cylinder engine. Both engines are from Mitsubishi. The pickup truck comes with a 5-speed manual transmission system.

Innoson 5000

Price Estimate: ₦17 million

Innoson 5000

Whatever kind of service is required; the IVM 5000 is ever ready to serve. It is built with an economical and practical approach that reflects large and flexible interior space. Its interior can be fitted to a cargo, ambulance or passenger variant.

The IVM 5000 is a fuel economical workhorse that also provides a powerful and efficient drive.

Innoson FOX

Price Estimate: ₦4 million

Innoson FOX
Innoson FOX

The Innoson Fox puts every African on the wheels, its sporty style is perfectly designed to fit multiple driving environments and the whole vehicle exemplifies a sense of fun, fashion, dynamism, and subtle power. With eagle-eye headlights and wing-like bumpers, The Innoson Fox will provide you with a dynamic and sporty riding experience. More so, with its fuel efficient technology; the power to own and drive your dream new car lies within you.

Innoson UMU

Price Estimate: ₦8 million

Innoson UMU
Innoson UMU

The Innoson Umu has simply put a sedan, just like its hatchback variant, The Umu Sedan puts every African on the wheels, its corporate style is perfectly designed to fit multiple driving environments and the whole vehicle exemplifies a sense of business & power. With eagle-eye headlights, reinforced shock absorbers, and wing-like bumpers, The Innoson Umu will provide you with a smooth riding experience.

Innoson G5

Price Estimate: 22 Million

Innoson G5
Innoson G5

Characterized with a strong sense of power and a full show of masculinity for individuals who love to reflect strength and style. This SUV is designed with a very serene cabin, warm interiors, a powerful and yet silent engine; its rear seats can be tipped; it is flexible and comfortable to provide you the on/off-road enjoyment you need.

Innoson G6

Price Estimate: ₦32 million

Innoson G6
Innoson G6

The INNOSON G6 sticks true to traditional SUV designs in a world of many Crossovers SUVs. Its agile frame enables it to deliver excellently in performance and handling both off the road and around the city. Like every Innoson Vehicle, it comes loaded with exciting state-of-the-art features and advanced technologies which inspire confidence and ensures comfortability on the road.

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Innoson G40

Price Estimate: ₦20.5 million

Innoson G40
Innoson G40

Sometimes, a little extra room can bring everyone together. The IVM G40 is for the go-getters, the adventure seekers, the individual that’s always in motion, and everyone else who finds meaning in the everyday drive.

Innoson G80

Price Estimate: ₦30 million

Innoson G80
Innoson G80

Unlike any SUV on the street, the IVM G80 owns the road. With its superb blend of advanced technology, bold styling, and powerful performance, the self-confident appearance of the IVM G80 stands out in the crowd. This dynamic and luxurious SUV has a superior combination of steering response, driving comfort, sophistication, and performance that is both efficient and enthusiastic.

New Models Of Innoson Vehicles

  • IVM Caris: Sleek, Sporty And Modern
  • IVM Capa: The Indomitable
  • IVM G6 (SUV): The African Spotlight
  • IVM G6C Carrier Pick Up: Built for Africa

Innoson Motor Price List 2020

 Model  Manufacturer pricePrice with VAT(5%)
Innoson Saloon car prices
 Innoson FOX manual transmission N3.52 millionN3.96 million
 Innoson FOX automatic transmission N3.85 millionN4.04 million
 Innoson UMU manual transmission N3.63 millionN3.81 million
 Innoson UMU automatic transmissionN3.96 millionN4.16 million
Innoson Pick-up van prices
Innoson single cabin pick-up 4WDN6.93 millionN7.28 million
Innoson 5 seater double cabin pick-up 4WD (Mitsubishi engine & leather seats)N6.93 millionN7.28 million
Innoson Carrier 4WD (double cabin pick-up)N6.49 millionN6.82 million
Innoson Carrier 2WD (double cabin pick-up)N6.05 millionN6.35 million
Innoson SUV prices
Innoson G5 manual transmission (Jeep)N6.38 millionN6.7 million
Innoson G5 automatic transmission (Jeep)N6.82 millionN7.16 million
Innoson G6 manual transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep)N6.6 millionN6.93 million
Innoson G6 automatic transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep)N7 millionN7.35 million
Innoson Vans prices
Innoson Uzo 2 (7 seater MPV)N1.76 millionN1.85 million
Innoson Uzo 3 (7 seater bus)N1.54 millionN1.62 million
Innoson Uzo 4 (7 seater minibus)N1.54 millionN1.61 million
Innoson Uzo 5 (minibus single cabin)N1.54 millionN1.61 million
Innoson 5000a (15 seater bus)N5.28 millionN5.54 million
Innoson 5000b (15 seater cargo bus)N5.28 millionN5.54 million
Innoson 6540 (17 seater bus)N7.15 millionN7.51 million
Innoson 6540 (18 seater Hummer bus)N8.03 millionN8.43 million
Innoson 5000c (ambulance bus)N6.93 millionN7.28 million
Innoson Bus prices
Innoson 6601 (23 seater bus)N11.44 millionN12million
Innoson 6660a (26 seater bus)N11.88 millionN12.47 million
Innoson 6730 (30 seater bus)N12.65 millionN13.28 million
Innoson 6800 (33 seater bus)N13.31 millionN13.98 million
Innoson 6850 (43 seater bus)N24.2 millionN25.4 million
Innoson 6751 (60 passenger city bus)N11.55 millionN12.13 million
Innoson Truck prices
Innoson 5003 (8 tonnes swing arm truck)N12.65 millionN13.28 million
Innoson 5251 (12 tonnes compactor truck)N19.8 millionN20.8 million
Innoson 5100 (road sweeper)N21.45 millionN22.52 million

Innoson Motors contacts

For more information, you could directly contact Innoson Motors via one of the following channels:

Factory address:
No 2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwa-Uru, Uru Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State.
Showroom address

  • ABUJA: 759 Cadastral Zone E24, Wawa District, Abuja FCT.
  • LAGOS: Plot 1, Block A, Amuwo Odofin Ind. Estate Oshodi/Apapa Expressway, Lagos.
  • ENUGU: Plot W/L Ind. Layout Emene, P.O Box 1570, Enugu, Enugu State.


  • Lagos: 08063268249
  • Abuja: 09020984374
  • Enugu: 08122202053
  • Nnewi: 08054459560, 08054459395

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