How To Know My Cars Windshield Needs Replacement? Signs To Look Out For

How To Know My Cars Windshield Needs Replacement Signs To Look Out For

In most cases, hardly anything gets damaged suddenly. Oftentimes, problems or issues with cars happen over time, giving off various warning signals that we tend to overlook. Amongst all car issues, warning signals given off from the windshield are often ignored. In fact, most people don’t even recognize what these warning signs are.

The windshield of a car is as important as the car’s engine. A good windshield ensures the driver gets accurate visibility of what’s in front of him. The windshield also protects the passengers within a vehicle from the elements. There are certain signs that tip a car owner about issues on his/her windshield. It is essential that the owner takes appropriate action based on these signs to prevent further damage and accidents.

Here are the signs to look out for to know your car’s windshield needs replacement:


A visibility check is one of the most potent means of detecting if your windshield needs replacement. Does your windshield hinder your visibility? Or does it hinder it? If your windshield makes it easier for you to see clearly, then there might be no cause for alarm. However, if you have trouble seeing clearly through the windshield, then that is a serious problem you shouldn’t ignore. Cracks, especially spider web-like impacts can distort vision such that you can’t clearly see what’s ahead of you. When you see cases like this, your windshield needs replacement immediately.


Pitting can pose a serious threat to the durability of your windshield. If you drive frequently on a path with a significant quantity of flying debris, stones, gravel, pebbles thrown off by other vehicles, your windshield is likely to get affected. The surface area of the windshield begins to have pits which are best visible at dawn or dusk. These pits scatter reflected light and make it difficult for the driver to focus on what’s ahead. In addition, pitted glass does shed off water or clear quickly in times of rainfall. This presents a great challenge that could affect drivers’ and other passengers’ safety in bad weather conditions.


The white haze around the edges of your windshield is a sign that it needs to be replaced. In the production of a vehicle’s windshield, they are treated with a special plastic called PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral). The PVB ensures that the windshield doesn’t shatter into tiny bits in the case of an accident, which can severely injure you, the passengers and another passerby. A white haze around the edges of your windshield indicates that the plastic is separating from the windshield. This puts you and others at risk of being badly injured if an accident happens.


This sign is quite obvious to many drivers but then they intentionally ignore it until something worse happens. They tend to manage the windshield until it becomes unbearable. As mentioned earlier, the windshield provides an important protective function that can’t be treated with levity. Once a part of your windshield is missing or damaged, be quick about replacing it.


One or two cracks in a windshield could be subject to repair. However, excessive cracks, especially in the driver’s corner that distorts vision requires total replacement. Also,  cracks observed at the edges of the windshield are difficult to accurately repair. It is recommended that the windshield be replaced.

Effective Ways To Protect And Maintain Your Car’s Windshield

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The best time to replace your windshield is when it has cracks or damages that are beyond repair. Depending on use, if you drive your car frequently, you can expect the windshield to start wearing off after about 5 years.


Ensure to visit a qualified auto mechanic to help you with windshield repair or replacement. Frequent recurring problems with windshields are often due to poor, faulty repairs done in the past. Below is the cost of replacing your windshield in Nigeria:

Superglue/Clear nail polish₦ 500 – ₦ 2,000
Windshield repair kit₦ 4500 – ₦ 8,000
Windshield repair₦ 8,000 – ₦ 30,000
Windshield replacement₦ 50,000 – ₦ 250,000


Windshield replacement should not be unnecessarily postponed, especially when any of the signs listed above are noticed. A good windshield is important for the safety of the driver, passengers, other vehicles and passers-by around.

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