How Much Can One Make From Uber Business In Lagos?

Uber is a service that connects people who drive and deliver with riders, eaters, and restaurants. You can use the Uber app to request a ride in cities where Uber is offered. When a nearby driver accepts your request, the app shows the driver’s anticipated arrival time at your pickup location.

Its original name is Uber Technologies and it is a San Francisco-based American mobility as a service company with operations in over 900 cities across the world. It was founded in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp with headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States.

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With over 9,000 drivers in Lagos alone, it is difficult to estimate how much Uber drivers in Nigeria earn on a weekly basis. This is because a variety of factors influence how much money drivers earn. A driver who makes 10 trips per day, for example, will undoubtedly earn more than a driver who makes five journeys per day. In addition, a driver who works 12 hours per day is likely to earn more than one who works only five hours per day.

However, a driver who works in Lagos for an average of 10 hours per day and targets crowded areas such as Victoria Island, Lekki, and the Lagos Mainland can expect to make between NGN50,000 and NGN70,000 per week, depending on the number of rides, surge, and other comparable factors.

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Factors that influence how much Uber drivers make on a weekly basis.

Many factors influence how much Uber drivers earn per week, and these factors play a significant role in determining how much the driver earns. These are some of them:

  • Location: In general, Lagos drivers earn more than Abuja drivers.
  • Total number of trips
  • Surge
  • Distance travelled per trip

How earnings are calculated

You might be wondering how much you can make driving with Uber. The following factors help determine the amount you earn for each trip.

  • Standard fare

You earn a fare for every completed trip.

  • Surge

Check the heat map in your app to find out when and where rider demand is high, so you can earn more on top of your standard fare.

  • Minimum trip earnings

Each city has a minimum amount that you’ll earn for any trip. This makes sure your earnings reflect the effort you put in, even on short trips.

  • Service fee

This fee helps fund things like app development and customer support.

  • Booking fee

Riders pay a booking fee to help cover safety, regulatory, and operational costs such as insurance.

  • Cancellations

In most instances, you’ll receive a cancellation fee if a rider cancels a request.

Ways to earn smarter

  • Get ahead with the app

The app has powerful features to help you make the most of your time on the road. From tracking trends to informing you of earning opportunities nearby, the app is your partner on the road.

  • Get tipped for great service

After every trip, riders can easily tip you directly in the app. You always keep 100% of your tips.

When and how you get paid

Get paid fast

It’s easy to get paid. All you need is a bank account. Your earnings are deposited every week.

If your customer pays cash

With cash, you get paid immediately after you complete a trip. The app will show the amount to collect from your customer and calculate the fees that you owe to Uber.

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