Easy Steps On How To Buy Clean Tokunbo Cars In Nigeria

Tokunbo Cars – You know, there used to be a time when tokunbo cars were not that popular in Nigeria. There used to be a time when some people never even consider buying a tokunbo car, talk less of comparing it to a brand new car. But we aren’t in that time anymore, so let’s face reality.

Today, tokunbo cars are a rave in Nigeria. And they have been since the ’80s. A tokunbo ( which is Yoruba for “coming from overseas”)  car is rated higher and better than a Nigerian used car, meanwhile, they are both used cars.

Well, the reason
for this is quite understandable. Generally, it is believed that a tokunbo car
must have seen better times in whatever foreign countries it came from. There,
most likely, aren’t any bad roads to give the car a hard time. However, a
Nigerian used car would most likely have tasted the rigours of being on a bad

Anyway, there are
things you should know before buying tokunbo cars in Nigeria. Especially if you
intend to buy a tokunbo car that would last for a long time. Here are a few
tips on how to buy good tokunbo cars in Nigeria. So, let’s get to the juicy

Prices of Tokunbo Toyota Cars and Lexus Cars In Nigeria 2021

Prices Toyota Camry in Nigeria 2021: Brand New, Tokunbo And Nigerian Used

Good Tokunbo Cars in Nigeria

Buying a car, used or new, has been made quite easy today. You may decide to buy online or offline. Just be sure to know which option is better for you; online or offline.

Tokunbo Cars
Tokunbo Cars

Also, when you are trying to buy a tokunbo car in Nigeria, you have to be smart. You have to approach it with great caution like your life depends on it. Because it might.

Imagine buying what
you thought was a good tokunbo car, which in actual fact, isn’t. In your mind,
you have the car to tread upon any Nigerian road, no matter how bad or
dangerous. But the day the car would fail you, you’d feel betrayed.

Some tokunbo car dealers in Nigeria today are nothing but petty cheats. If you bought a car from them, you could be buying a car that has been through hell and high water. This is not to say, however, that you can’t find good Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria. And this brings us to the first tip.

tokunbo cars for sale in nigeria with prices
tokunbo cars for sale in nigeria with prices

To Know Before Buying Tokunbo Cars In Nigeria

Research everything before taking
any action

use of the internet. Do a lot of research on the kind of car that you want.
Read customers’ reviews as well as experts’ reviews of the car. You would most
likely know if a car is good for you from the research.

research the credibility of the car dealership you’re planning to deal with.
There are a lot of credible websites where you can buy cars with rest of mind. Carmart
Nigeria is an example of such websites. You can also find
good tokunbo cars on Cheki.

Do not be deceived by looks

you see online might not be what you find in reality when you’re checking out
the car.

the body of the tokunbo car for any scratches or any signs of bad times. Check
for panel beating marks. Check for cracked windscreen. Anything that your eyes
can see, make sure you do a proper check on it. Open the car and check the
interiors too. If you find any signs of rough usage on the car, that’s a red
light; turn around and go.

the car and see if you’re feeling any discernible vibrations. If you are,
that’s another red light. If the car is an automatic transmission car, try to
shift the gear to drive or reverse while firmly pressing down the brake pedal.
If there are any sudden jerks or movements, that’s another red light.

Step out of the before turning off the engine and check the exhaust fumes. If you’re seeing the slightest signs of soot, that’s another red light.

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Confirm the Vehicle Identification
Number (VIN) of the car.

No two cars in the world have the same VIN. VIN is unique 17-character code that all cars possess. Checking the VIN can reveal things about the car to you. It can be used to check warranty claims, registration, and some other important things. The internet has made it easy for Documents To Collect When Buying A Tokunbo Car In Nigeria

Ensure that all necessary documents
are in order

can’t stress this enough. Do not run the risk of buying stolen cars. Make sure the tokunbo car has all the
proper documents that it should possess, including the custom papers.


Do all these and be
safe. Do not jump steps. You can find a lot of tokunbo cars for sale in Lagos
it anywhere else in Nigeria.

If you have any
questions or enquiries, make sure to drop them in the comments section below.

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