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Emoney is the younger brother of popular Nigerian music artist Kcee and they both own a record label, Five Star Music. He is also the proud owner of Emmy Cargoes Limited, and also has some investments in real estate as well as oil and gas. E money is Married to Juliet Okonkwo whom he met and started dating while they were in school, E-Money and Juliet are now blessed with three children (Boys) and they all live in the United Kingdom (UK). E-Money visits his family every two weeks.

Call him Mr. Flamboyant! E-Money lives in a gold-furnished mansion in Omole Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, worth over N250 million in addition to several other houses, owns fleets of cars, and has a lot of money to throw around, even in the midst of the current economy in Nigeria. The head of 5-Star Music is a proud owner of fleets of SUVs and sports cars. In December 2015, he added to his fleet, a Mercedes Benz Sprinter which costs about N30 million. He also presented his brother, Kcee, with a Mercedes Benz G wagon worth N20million as a birthday gift.

Sometime in 2016, E-money showed off his newly purchased armoured car, the latest 2017 Lexus LX 570 jeep. The car is said to be valued at over $90,000 which is way more than N39,000,000 considering the current exchange rate. E-Money is one man that has a lot of material possessions and makes no attempt to keep cool about it. He bragged about his assets on the Internet so much that the Police warned him about the possibility of drawing excessive attention to himself. However, he could not care less about it and still posts pictures of his cars, houses, and leisure time on Instagram.

Emoney Car Gallery includes:

E Money Cars - rolls royce
E Money Cars – rolls royce
Emoney Car Gallery
Mercedes-Benz cars
Emoney Car Gallery1.jpg
Mercedes-Benz cars
Emoney Car Gallery2
e money Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz and Lexus
Emoney Car Gallery3
e money Toyota Hilux, Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser
Emoney Latest Car Collections

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