Carmart Payment: How To Buy Cars On Carmart Nigeria

Buying your dream car becomes easier with The payment process is simple, straightforward and reliable. Find out more about how to buy cars on Carmart Nigeria.

About Carmart Nigeria

About Carmart Nigeria
About Carmart Nigeria

Carmart Nigeria is one of the top websites and highly ranked car marketplace for quality and reliability when it comes to cars. It is an online platform where you can buy and sell your car. If you need a good used car to buy, has thousands of cars from top car brands in the world. There is also a platform on that allows you to sell your car.

Using, sellers can upload whatever car brand/model they want to sell; and make it seen by thousands of potential buyers who regularly visit our website daily. In fact, has a track record of selling hundreds of cars daily. And ever since, car buyers on our platform have experienced a smooth payment and transaction process in acquiring their cars.

How To Register On Carmart Nigeria

How To Register On Carmart Nigeria
How To Register On Carmart Nigeria

Before you can start shopping for cars on Carmart Nigeria, then you need to be registered. Registration is compulsory because we need it to verify your identity and protect other customers on the carmart platform. The registration process is simple and won’t take up to one minute.

To begin registration, simply input the URL ( on your browser. You only need to input the following details;

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Phone Number

After registering, you will be asked to confirm your email, to show that you aren’t just a robot or a scammer. Once you have registered and verified your email, you can freely move on to shopping for your car.

How To Buy Cars On


Carmart Nigeria is an online marketplace that connects car dealers/sellers to prospective buyers. The payment process you have to follow to buy your car on our platform is free of hassle. These simple steps will guide you;

  • Search for the car you would like to buy on our platform.
  • Check the brand, specs, pictures carefully and see if it matches your needs.
  • Search for the car seller’s ID and contact info.
  • Contact the car seller and negotiate the price of the car.
  • After reaching a suitable price with the dealer, you can proceed to making payments for the car.

That’s it! Quite simple. Carmart Nigeria does not collect the money or have any part of the money you pay to the car dealer for the car. Hence, it is usually advised that you have a thorough look at the car (if possible, onsite look) before making payments.

Frequently Asked Questions About

How Safe Is For Car Buyers?

Carmart Nigeria’s mission is to provide a user-friendly interface that allows interested car buyers to easily purchase a car from the comfort of their homes. All the cars listed on our platform go through thorough checks and verification, to ensure our buyers are not scammed and get good value for money.

How Safe Is For Car Sellers?

Car sellers can have direct contact with car buyers using the carmart site. With us, sellers have a stress-free way to sell their cars at good market prices. Our registration process is simple and free. We also have both free and paid plans to allow sellers to list their cars on our platform. In addition, we have excellent SEO technology that ensures vehicles listed on Carmart Nigeria are seen by over 200k+ Nigerians every day. This makes it easy for you to sell your car fast and get profit in return.

Are The Prices Of Cars On Real?

We do not set the prices of cars on our platform. Rather, we let sellers set the prices that are convenient for them. Interested sellers can contact buyers to negotiate the price (if allowed by the seller) and make payments.

Is Carmart Nigeria A Genuine Site For Cars?

Yes, carmart Nigeria is a genuine and reliable site for cars. Our platform has succeeded in connecting thousands of car sellers to buyers.

What Other Services Is Provided By Carmart Nigeria?

Carmart Nigeria is all about cars! Everything you need to know about cars will be found on our website and blog. All our services are car-related and they include:

  • Support for selling and buying of car parts.
  • Motorcycle vending.
  • Car rental.
  • Dealership of car accessories.
  • Trucks dealership.

What Is The Contact Address Of Carmart

You can email us at or send a WhatsApp message to +234 909 238 7158.

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