Can I Ship My Car Overseas With Stuff In It?

The most popular question when shipping a vehicle overseas is if you can put your stuff inside. There is logic in this as it can be costly just to send a few boxes overseas and if you are already shipping your vehicle then you might as well make the most of what you are paying by loading it up as much as you can.

Ways By Which You Can Ship Your Car Overseas With Stuff In It

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  1. Container shipping: When you use container shipping, it is absolutely fine however if you wish to insure your goods against damage you will need to take an additional policy to cover your items in transit. Shipping your vehicle with stuff in it in a container is the most secure method of shipping as your vehicle is strapped down and secured into place using straps and chocks to stop the vehicle from moving anyhow. The container doors are locked and recorded with a unique seal number, only you, customs officers and unloaders will be able to open the container meaning that during transit, no one will have access to your vehicle or your goods. You will not be able to load any personal belonging outside of the vehicle in the container because it is unsafe as goods may come loose damaging the contents of the container meaning no shipping line will allow this as the risks are too high and they will not accept any liability for any damages.
  2. Roll on, Roll off: Choosing to ship your vehicle through roll on roll off (RORO) is the most common and usually cheapest method of shipping your car overseas but it is not guaranteed that you will be allowed to load your vehicle. Depending on the location, only a few shipping lines will allow you to load your vehicle when shipping RORO, they must be secured inside the vehicle and not blocking the view for the person driving the vehicle. The main issue with loading personal belongings inside a vehicle when shipping RORO is the security, no shipping line will accept any liability for your goods as there is no additional charge to load the vehicle.

Why It Is Not Recommended To Ship Your Car Overseas With Stuff In It

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car From Overseas To Nigeria
How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car From Overseas To Nigeria

Although it is legal to ship items in your vehicle or trunk, many companies are would prefer that you do not as there is always the risk of theft or damage to the items during transport. Most companies recommend that you remove all personal items from the vehicle prior to shipment. Also;

  • It can cost more to ship your vehicle with items inside because each car shipment has a weight limit based on vehicle make and model. Going over these limits would definitely increase charges or cause your vehicle to be rejected by the carrier.
  • Shipping items in your car can be a risky move. Many car transport companies request that items inside the vehicle be packed below the window lines to avoid the possibility of theft. The carrier makes several stops at rest areas and fuel stations and if your vehicle is full of items, people passing by could see this as an opportunity to steal. Moreover, items in your vehicle are subject to damage from being jostled around during transport.

Mistakes You May Make While Trying To Ship Your Car Overseas

How To Ship Any Car To Nigeria; How Much Does It Cost Generally
How To Ship Any Car To Nigeria; How Much Does It Cost Generally

You have been transferred overseas and you want to bring your wheels with you or maybe you went on a vacation but prefer the comfort of your own car instead of renting one. It could be a problem arranging for your car to be shipped overseas. Here are five mistakes when shipping your car overseas.

  1. Not selecting a good freight company: Choosing a freight company is no different than choosing a plumber or electrician. Price is part of the processes, but you also want to know if the company is licensed, bonded and insured. You may also want to ask for references. When evaluating freight companies, find out how long they have been in business and whether they have experience shipping cars overseas.
  2. Procrastinating: After reviewing many freight companies and you have selected the best that offers the best combination of price, experience and professional demeanor to transfer your car. You will have to start working on it fast because transport alone can actually take more than two weeks depending on the departure and destination ports. To avoid last minute problems, submit your request to the carrier within 30 days of when you actually want to ship your car.
  3. Packing your car with stuff: As tempting as it may be to use your car as a suitcase, do not do this. As stated earlier, freight companies charge for shipments based on the weight of the cargo so you will end up paying more if you store belongings in your car.  In addition, your car will probably remain unlocked throughout the journey because of the numerous inspections required, so theft could be a problem. Most freight companies would never insure your car’s interior or any items left in the car during transport, and that includes the trunk, glove compartment, and any other latched compartment that could pop open and cause damage. The bottom line is, you are completely responsible for any damage that occurs to your car’s interior and the items in it during transport.

Tips For Shipping Items In Your Car

Although it is not recommended, you have the right to leave things in your car if you choose. There will always be a major risk involved, but follow these tips to avoid unfortunate situations, should in case you really need to put stuff in your car;

  • Never ship valuables.
  • Make sure any boxes, bags, or suitcases cannot be seen from the windows.
  • Do not pack items that are fragile.
  • Avoid packing too many items that would go over the weight limit.
  • Never pack liquids, firearms, or flammable items.

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