Can I Modify An Old Car To Add A Keyless Entry Remote Start?

You know, it’s so much easier to be able to open your car door by simply pressing a button rather than fumbling through your purse or pocket for a key. Unlike old cars, keyless entry is one of the smart features of modern cars. Old cars make use of conventional car keys inserted into a mechanical cylindrical hole to open the doors. As keyless entry begins to take mainstream in modern cars, old car owners are sceptical about whether their old vehicles can be modified to keyless entry.

Can Old Cars Be Modified To Add Remote Keyless Entry?

Yes! Old cars can be modified to add a keyless entry. However, you will need some mechanical and electrical car knowledge to be able to successfully do so. If you can’t DIY, then you should employ the services of a trained car mechanic to help you with it.

How To Choose A Remote Keyless Entry

Remote keyless entry systems come in various sizes and modifications. In fact, not all are compatible with your car. For instance, some remote keyless entry systems can only lock and unlock the driver-side door. Whereas, others have a more comprehensive system that allows you to be able to warm up your car even if you are some distance away. Therefore, it’s important you follow these tips when choosing your remote keyless entry system;

  1. Research The Right Product

As mentioned earlier, not all remote keyless entry systems will be portable with your vehicle. So, you have to research and select the best brands and types that will work with your car. Read product descriptions, customer reviews and feedback, to make the right choice.

  1. Pick Your Choice

There are various options you can consider when searching for a remote keyless entry system for your vehicle. Some of the possible choices are;

  • Single-door or multi-door unlock
  • Remote start
  • Ability to open the trunk (if applicable)
  • Connectivity to a smartphone app
  • Added transmitter range
  • Alarm system
  • Added number of transmitters (some systems come with only one transmitter, requiring the purchase of additional units, while others come with up to four.
  1. Buy From Trusted Manufacturers And/Or Suppliers

Before you pay for the keyless entry you choose, ensure that the supplier is credible. This is especially important if you are buying online because there are many fraudulent sellers and manufacturers who just want to run away with your money.

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How Much Is Remote Keyless Entry System

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General Guideline To Instal A Remote Keyless Entry

Installing a remote keyless entry system shouldn’t be a complicated process. However, the differences in the installation process are sometimes dependent on the make/model of your vehicle and the type of remote keyless entry kit you bought.

It is also advisable that a professional mechanic does the installation for you. However, if you feel you have the required mechanical and electrical skills to do it yourself, then go ahead.

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Common general tools needed in remote keyless entry installation includes;

  • Wire cutter and stripper
  • Electrical tape
  • Clamps and harnesses
  • Soldering iron and solder

The step-by-step process of installing a keyless entry kit might differ based on the kit type and vehicle. However, these general guidelines are relevant for all kinds of installation;

  1. Read The Manual

Each remote keyless entry system has its specific features and connections. Usually, all these are usually identified and explained in the manual. Hence, it is best to read through the manual before you commence installation.

  1. Disable The Vehicle’s Battery

During the installation process, you will be working with the car’s electrical system. If you leave the battery connected, you might cause unnecessary spark and shock, which might lead to accidents. Thus, disable the battery before installation.

  1. Wiring Connections

Wiring connections is a critical aspect of installing a remote keyless entry system. Follow the instructions manual, strip the necessary wires of the kit and connect them to the right wires in your vehicle.

  1. Connect To Dock Lock

After the right connections are done, then trace the wire following the manual, to the right dock lock.

  1. Test The System

After all the connections and necessary Installations are done, the last step is to test the system. Is it working? If it works, it means you have done a good job. If it doesn’t work, it means there is a wrong connection somewhere. You might have to start over again.


Remote keyless entry is possible for old cars. What matters is that you get the remote keyless entry system that is compatible with your car and have it installed correctly.

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