Can I buy a Tesla in Nigeria? Is it going to work?

A Tesla is a different car breed that is unique from the normal cars we see every day on Nigerian roads. The name Tesla is gotten from the iconic name of Nikola Tesla, a renowned inventor, and engineer mostly known for his notable contribution to the invention of electricity and other powerful inventions.

Tesla Cars In Nigeria
3 Reasons You Haven’t Being Seeing Tesla Cars On Nigeria Roads

What is a Tesla?

Tesla is an electronically enabled car developed by Tesla Inc,  which is popular for creating products and services that run solely on electricity in honour of the popular inventor “Tesla”. Tesla has never produced any car that does not run on electricity because this will mean compromising everything the company is known for.

With a Tesla car, the normal hassle of buying fuel to refill your car is eliminated; even the challenge of oiling the car engine is removed. The only concern of a Tesla car is to efficiently charge it, just like you do with your technological gadgets, and we already know how stressful that can be in Nigeria.

So, it is safe to say that Tesla is different from any car you may have ever come across. As a result of its distinctive feature, the price of a Tesla is exorbitant, as the company does not target average persons as its key customers, rather they target extremely influential persons to patronize their products. It is also known that Tesla does not run a cliché warehouse to store its products for sale, rather these cars are sold specifically online. See, class?

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Even as expensive as this car may seem to be, and as “outreaching “ it may seem for many Nigerians and the Nigerian environment considering its key feature, there are Tesla Cars in Nigeria. Though they may not be as popular as other saloon or SUV cars that grace the Nigerian roads, they definitely have made their way into Nigeria. According to reports, there are up to four Tesla cars in Nigeria, the car owners do not use them to frequent the road on a daily basis, but once they were seen on the road several, it made rounds on social media.

Can I buy a Tesla in Nigeria?

Can I buy a Tesla in Nigeria?

It is impossible to buy a Tesla car in Nigeria. A Tesla car is not an ordinary car that can be put on display in a showroom. There are a lot of ills happening in society and if a Tesla is ordinarily displayed, it can go missing the next day in Nigeria.

Any Tesla car seen in Nigeria was bought directly from the Tesla Inc in Palo Alto, California, USA.  The Tesla currently has about four existing models; the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. The first vehicle produced by Tesla Inc, “Tesla Roadster” is no longer being sold by the company.

To even fathom the idea of buying a Tesla in Nigeria, you must have the means to charge the car 24/7. It is no news that there is no constant power supply in Nigeria, so it will be a shame to buy a Tesla and not use it efficiently. Before buying a Tesla, consider the means through which it will be charged, also be ready to pay for the amount of electricity it will consume.

The least expensive Tesla model car is the Model Y, which costs about N14.5 million for the standard range.

Tesla model

The model X SUV on the other hand almost triples the price of the Model Y, do the calculation and gape.

model X SUV

To afford such a car in Nigeria, you have to be living in a highbrow area in the country, where there is hardly any power outage, and even if there is at any time, you should have backup power supplies that can carry the weight.

Can Tesla work in Nigeria?

A Tesla is a car, but the only difference is that it is electronically charged, which is why a lot of people have fears on whether it will work in Nigeria. This article is to douse your fears, because contrary to the popular belief that it cannot work, we want to tell you that it can actually work in Nigeria.

Can Tesla work in Nigeria

Maintaining the car in Nigeria should not be a problem because it is built in such a way that the parts are not the normal car parts that reduce in life span because of frequent oil changing and fuelling. The only way this car will need maintenance is if it is driven on a regular basis on a Nigerian road.  The Nigerian road is mostly compatible with SUV’s and saloon cars, but the Tesla is very fragile.

Also, it is impossible to get the spare part of this car anywhere in Nigeria. The spare parts have to be shipped directly from its official store in the USA.

Driving a Tesla in Nigeria can be very exciting, but the owner has to be conscious of a lot of things. It is not a cheap car, and it definitely won’t be easy to maintain. If you are looking to learn more intricate details about the Tesla model 3 car in Nigeria, check this out.

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