AAUA Departmental Cut Off Marks For 2021/2022 Admission

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INSTRUCTION: Some candidates who met the cut-off points in the various programmes and others who scored below the minimum stipulated cut-off for their course of choice may not be considered for admission in the merit list(first batch) because they may not have met the minimum UTME and O’Level entry requirements.

AAUA Cut Off Mark for 2021/2022 Admission | Departmental Cut Off Points

GSU Cut Off Mark for 2021/2022 Admission | Departmental Cut Off Points

To be considered for admission during the second batch exercise, candidates who have not been considered for admission during the first batch exercise are advised to apply for change of course from their initial course to others which they are most qualified on AAUA PORTAL and JAMB CAPS. STRICTLY taking into consideration the cut-off point, UTME subject combination and O’level entry requirement as contained in this documents.

Candidates are STRONGLY advised to ensure that they abide by the requirement and cut-off points to be considered for admission. Closing date for the change of course is

AAUA Cut Off Marks

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S/N.ProgrammeUTME SubjectsCut-Off Points
1Agricultural EconomicsChemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Mathematics/ Physics. Merit – 180
2Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentChemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Mathematics/ Physics. Merit- 180
3AgronomyChemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Mathematics/ Physics. Merit -180
4Animal ScienceChemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Mathematics/ Physics.Merit- 180
5Fisheries and AquacultureChemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Mathematics/ Physics. Merit – 180
6Forestry and Wildlife ManagementChemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Mathematics/ Physics. Merit- 180


S/N.ProgrammeUTME SubjectsCut-Off Points
1.English StudiesLit. in English, one other Arts subject and another Arts or Social Science subject.Merit- 260Catchment -245
4.YorubaYoruba and two other subjects in Arts or Social Sciences.Merit- 180
6.Linguistics/YorubaGovernment and any two Arts subjects OR Yoruba Language and two Arts or Social Science subjects.Merit – 180
7.PhilosophyAny three subjects.Merit – 185
8.Religious Studies(Religion and African Culture)CRK/IRS and any two other subjects.Merit- 180


S/N.ProgrammeUTME SubjectsCut-Off Points
1.Adult EducationGovernment/History, two other subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.Any three subjectsMerit- 180
3.History  EducationHistory/Government and any other two subjects chosen from CRK/IRK, Lit. in English, French/Hausa/Igbo? Yoruba, Geography/Physics, and Economics.Merit – 180
4.Religious EducationCRS/IRS, one Arts subjects and any other subject.Merit – 180
5.Yoruba EducationYoruba and any two subjects chosen from Lit. in English, CRK/IRK, French/Arabic and History/Government.Merit- 180
6.Biology EducationBiology and two other subjects from Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.Merit- 180
7.Chemistry EducationChemistry and two other subjects chosen from Physics, Biology and Mathematics.Merit – 180
8.Computer Science EducationMathematics, Physics and one of Biology, Chemistry, Economics/Commerce.Merit – 180
9.Integrated Science EducationAny three of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Agricultural Science.Merit- 180
10.Mathematics EducationMathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.Merit- 180
11.Physics EducationPhysics, Mathematics/Chemistry plus one other subject.Merit – 180
12.Health EducationBiology and any two subjects.Merit – 185
13.Human Kinetics EducationBiology and any two subjects.Merit- 180
14.Technical   EducationAny three of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing.Merit- 180
15.Guidance & CounselingAny three subjects.Merit – 190
16.Early Childhood EducationAny three subjects.Merit – 180
17Educational ManagementEconomics, Mathematics and one other subject.Merit- 180
18.Geography EducationGeography, and two other Social Science/Science subjects.Merit- 180
19.Political Science EducationGovernment/History and two other Arts / Social Science subjects.Merit – 180
20.Economics EducationEconomics, Mathematics and one other subject from Geography/Physics, History/Government and Lit. in English.Merit – 180
21.Social Studies EducationAny three of Economics, Geography, CRS/IRS, Government /HistoryMerit- 180


S/N.ProgrammeUTME SubjectsCut-Off Points
2.ChemistryChemistry and two of Physics, Biology and Mathematics.Merit-  180
3.Industrial ChemistryChemistry, Mathematics and any of Physics/Biology/ Agricultural Science.Merit – 185
4.Animal and Environmental BiologyBiology and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.Merit – 180
6.MathematicsMathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Economics or Geography.Merit- 180
7.Industrial MathematicsMathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology and Agricultural Science.Merit – 180
8.GeologyChemistry, Physics and Mathematics.Merit – 180
Applied GeophysicsChemistry, Physics and Mathematics.Merit – 180
Physics and ElectronicsPhysics, Mathematics and Chemistry or Biology.Merit – 180
Plant Science and BiotechnologyBiology, Chemistry and any other Science subject.Merit – 180


S/N.ProgrammeUTME SubjectsCut-Off Points
1.Banking and FinanceMathematics, Economics and one of Government and GeographyMerit- 180
2.Business AdministrationMathematics, Economics and one other subject.Merit – 240Catch – 210
3.EconomicsMathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject.Merit – 230Catchment -200
4.Geography and Planning SciencesGeography and any other two subjectsMerit – 180
5.Pure and Applied PsychologyThree Arts or Social Science subjectsMerit –  180
6.SociologyThree Social Science or Arts subjectsMerit –          230Catchment – 210

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