7 Useful and Best Car Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

This season is bubbling with festive vibes as Christmas and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner in a few days from now, which means the gift-giving season is about to come. We would like to give gifts to our friends, family, or colleagues who could use them for their car. The following items are inexpensive and are likely to make them delighted and happy:

Car Air Freshener

Price: N1,000 – N4,000

Driving a car in the summer, winter, or rainy season raises the illusion of a terrible odour inside the vehicle. A foul odour can be caused by obvious factors such as harsh weather conditions, dust, pollution, and so on. As a result, using an excellent automobile air freshener assures an amazing smell, enhancing your driving pleasure. A high-quality automotive air freshener is simple to install, highly effective, and has a long shelf life. Furthermore, these automotive air fresheners are reasonably priced. It is a great gift for any car owner.

Tissue Box

Price:  N1,000 – N7,000

Tissue can be used to clean the interior of vehicles as well as for personal hygiene. Tissue boxes, as a result, aid in the organization of tissue for convenient use. You can get an ordinary tissue box or a fancy one as a gift for your loved one.

Car Phone Holder

Price: N2,000 – N5,000

A car phone holder can help you navigate more comfortably and position your phone so that it can be charged more easily. There are numerous smartphone models available right now. The size of your smartphone can be accommodated by a car phone holder. You shouldn’t be concerned about which one will fit or not with this.

Car Vaccum Cleaner

Simply connect it into your car’s cigarette lighter and the 11′ 6″ power cord will allow you to reach every area inside the car to clean dirty upholstery, muddy floor mats, and filthy carpets. This is a high-powered handheld vacuum cleaner with a battery life of 20 minutes. It’s compact and light, and it runs on 21.6 volts. You can reach between and under the seats using a crevice attachment.

It is a useful gift for any car owner with a reasonable price ranging from N2,500 – N8,000.

USB Car Charger

Price: N2,000 – N3,000

It fits nicely into the recess and solidly into the actual power socket, allowing for convenient transport and ensuring that your digital devices are always charged. All USB gadgets, including iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, can be charged. Sophisticated and high-quality materials that are fireproof, together with protectors, ensure that your electronics will never overheat, overcurrent, or overcharge.

Car Ashtray

Price: N3,000 – N10,000

It is critical for your safety and the cleanliness of your car’s interior to dispose of cigarette butts and ash. Car ashtrays are composed of heat-resistant materials, are simple to install in the cupholder slot, and help to keep odours to a minimum. When you lift the lid, the LEDs illuminate and improve your night vision, allowing you to easily access the ashtray.

Car Steering Wheel Covers

Price: N2,000 – N8,000

A steering wheel cover may appear to be a simple cosmetic addition to install, but it also provides a number of functional benefits. Aside from sprucing up the driver’s seat with some colourful individuality, here are several practical benefits to purchasing a steering wheel cover for your automobile.

  • It Safeguards The Original Material.
  • It Is Always Cool
  • It Reduces Grip Fatigue.
  • It Keeps Your Hands Warm.

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