5 Best Car Tracking Companies In South Africa

Looking for the best tracking companies for your car in South Africa? Then you are on the right page!

What will you do if your car gets stolen or hijacked? If you are depending on searching via incessant calls or running around South Africa, then you definitely need the services of a car tracking company. Car trackers provide a safe, convenient and cost-effective means of tracking your car to find its location if it gets stolen or hijacked. Usually, a tracker device is installed to gather relevant information about your vehicle’s location using the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellite.

Steps To Ensure That Your Car Lasts Longer
Steps To Ensure That Your Car Lasts Longer

Here are 5 best car tracking companies in South Africa you can engage right now:


Netstar provides unbeatable car tracking services using advanced vehicle recovery systems. The company pioneered car tracking and car recovery systems in South Africa in 1914. The car tracking solutions provided by Netstar consist of easy-to-use software applications, advanced analytical tools, well-trained personnel and professional call centres and brilliantly engineered and fitted hardware. Other services provided by Netstar include fleet management solutions, insurance telematics solutions and best-in-class bureau services etc.

  • Address: Netstar Head Office Central Park Offices, 16th Road, Midrand 1685
  • Contact: 0860122436
  • Website:


Tracker is one of the best trucking companies in South Africa. The company has positioned itself as efficient in tracking vehicles wherever they are in sub-Saharan Africa. With over 1 million active subscribers, Tracker has been able to build tracking services for individuals, family or businesses. They also provide a number of car tracking service goals suitable to clients’ needs including notifying you if your car is moved/tampered with; notifying you if your family is safe or not; alerting rescue services if involved in an accident etc. You can send a quote to them or request from their customer service the prices of their various vehicle trackers.

  • Address: 74 Prince Mhlangana Rd, Avoca, Kwazulu Natal, 4051, South Africa
  • Contact: 086-060-5040 (local) +27-11-243-6708 (International).
  • Website:


Ctrack is another tracking company in South Africa you can explore. Leveraging GPS satellite positioning, GSM cellular communication and other advanced communication and sensory technologies, Ctrack are able to deplore a robust vehicle tracking and recovery system for their esteemed clients. Their software solutions encompass fleet management, fleet analytics, web-based tracking, bureau services, Iris camera solution etc. As a forward-thinking company, Ctrack is poised to remain ahead as the company gives great attention to research and development to improve its services to customers.

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  • Address: Regency Office Park, 9 Regency Drive Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene.
  • Contact: +27860333444
  • Website:


Founded in 1996, Matrix is a brand of MiX Telematics. The company is passionate about helping South Africans secure and recover their vehicles if stolen. Through excellent research and continuous innovation, Matrix has been able to develop value-driven, feature-rich, and cost effective technologies to facilitate car tracking and recovery processes in South Africa. The company won the 2021 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards in The Car Tracking Industry. Matrix provides three tailored vehicle tracking solutions including MX1 Core Security, MX2 Enhanced Safety, MX3 Advanced Safety. Services provided by Matrix include stolen vehicle recovery, Vehicle tracking, Matrix Protect and Personal Safety.

  • Address: Howick Cl, Waterfall Park, Midrand, 1686, South Africa
  • Emergency Contact: 0800 111 322
  • Website:


Bidtrack is another successful car trucking company located in South Africa. They offer a complete range of GPS Car Tracking systems with next-generation smart hardware at their core  – uniquely designed for car tracking in South Africa. With over 25 years of specialist in-house car tracking device research and development, Bidtrack has positioned itself as one of the best vehicle companies in South Africa.

  • Contact: 0800 333 889 (customer care), 086 1234 911 (emergency)
  • Website:


Car trackers are an important technology you should have fitted into your vehicle in South Africa. Each of the companies listed above provides different vehicle tracking and recovery solutions with different quotes. You can contact them or speak of their responsive customer representatives to know the price of each vehicle tracker solution.

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